By Dhriti Sharma

As one grows up, life gets more hectic. In the hustle-bustle of life, often, we forget about the importance of spending time for ourselves, giving ourselves the love we give to others. Today we have some tips to stay in touch with your inner self.

1. Going for a Nature Walk: Tedious as it may sound, a morning walk is a great way to start one’s day. A little stroll all by yourself can act as a window to look into your inner self and comprehend your thoughts. It helps you get away from the monotonous lifestyle, which can be very tiring.

2. Yoga & Meditation: The benefits of yoga and meditation are discussed widely. It keeps your mind and body sound. Meditating helps control one’s negative feelings, and yoga helps prevent numerous diseases and helps one sleep better.

3. Keeping a diary: Laborious as it may sound, keeping a journal is an excellent way to stay in touch with one’s thoughts and feelings. It can help keep track of daily progress or be a “friend” to vent to. Buried emotions can be a hurdle so writing down your worries and emotions and releasing them comes in handy.

4.Being Grateful: Believe it or not, counting your blessings daily helps you overlook things you lack and be thankful for all you have.

5. Reading: Some might argue that reading is hard work. Well, yes, it depends on what you’re reading. Reading something light-hearted can help reduce stress, strengthen the brain, and increase concentration—a distraction and boon simultaneously.

6. Taking yourself on little dates: It’s not a bad idea to spoil yourself sometimes. Going out to eat alone and buying yourself your favourite food is just another way to self-love. It can also be a well-deserved distraction from busy, exhausting life.

7. Doing something you love: Everyone has something they love doing, a hobby or a talent they have. It can be anything- painting, writing, singing, sports, crafting. Spending an hour or a half on your hobby/skill daily helps you rediscover your talents and rid your mind of stress.