Zodiac Sign Styling, Relation Between Fashion and Horoscope

Zodiac Sign Styling, Relation Between Fashion and Horoscope

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We all have an intriguing association with horoscope and we usually mould our days as per its predictions. To have an even more interesting experience, Rishab D. Singh brings a zodiac sign styling horoscope to help you find out the sartorial secrets that makes you the fashionista you are.

Here’s A Proper Detailed Horoscope For A Perfect Zodiac Sign Styling

1. Aries: (March 21- April 20)

zodiac sing styling: Aries

You are the first to grab any fashion trend. The key to mastering the Aries look is all about how you mix and match. You could go in for classic silhouette with matching colour and style.

Aries are designers and trendsetters, naturally driven with exuberance, light and power all thanks to your element fire.

Some tips for your overall zodiac sign styling:

Body Part – The head, face and brain

Ruler– Mars

Gemstones– Diamond, ruby

Metal – Copper

Personality traits – You are direct, brutally honest, single-minded, passionate, unstoppable, a bit narcissist, bossy and proud. You love company around but have a short attention span.

Zodiac Sign Styling – The Aries wear super-chic athletic wear, well-tailored clothes and classic suits. Simple geometric and whirly patterns, balance between the masculine and feminine elements, finest cuts with soft necklines. Aries do not miss possibility to show a harmonious figure. You choose shades of fire, from pink to dark reds and clarets.

Men – If an Aries man is compelled to wear a strict suit, he will necessarily put on a loud-coloured tie or one with an unusual print.

Best Fabrics – Sharply defined, smartly tailored clothes are what Aries should be wearing. Your colours are red and white. Avoid the black leather jacket. Aries woman looks wonderful in fitted trousers or tailored skirts and jackets in bold colours. You should prefer pastel shades, frills, patterns and flounces.

2. Taurus: (April 21 – May 20)

Zodiac sign styling - Taurus

Earthy, solid and dependable is what the Taurean would be! Sensuality guides your expression and purpose. Generally conservative, you care about the quality of what you wear, and buy only classic brands.

Some tips for your overall zodiac sign styling:

Body Part – Neck and Throat

 Ruler – Sensual Venus

Gemstones – Topaz and Emerald

Metal – Platinum, Silver

Personality Traits–  For the sensual Taurus, fashion is all about comfortable luxury. Taurean girls are artistic, loves good things in life and pleasure, determined and harmonious, all thanks to your element earth. You are grounded, organized, calm, fixed, rigid and warm hearted. You have a presence that emanates solid reliability.

Zodiac Sign Styling– The Taurean style tends towards classic colours and lines. For you, dressing well is a matter of simply good taste. You don’t mind paying those extra bucks for bags, clothing and shoes that are finely made. You would want to show off your gorgeous earrings or a lovely scarf. You have a great sense for fashion, which will never get you underdressed for any occasion.Your clothes compliment your lifestyle. So, you always want to look your best.

Men – The Taurus man looks lovely in pastel pink, and will be fond of pastel colours, generally. You should wear tops that expose his neckline or button down your top for breathing space.

 Best FabricsSince you deeply enjoy looking attractive to opposite sex, you want the best dress on you. The best fabrics for You are interesting patterns, snuggly cashmeres and wools, leather, denims, twead and fur. Your style is luxurious and comfortable, so go in for colours which are earthy and discreet like browns, beiges, and burgundy.

3. Gemini – (May 21- June 20)
Gemini zodiac sign styling

Some tips for your overall zodiac sign styling:

Body parts– Hands, arms and shoulders.

Ruler – Mercury

Gemstones – Emerald, Agate, Aquamarine

Metal – Quicksilver

Personality Traits – Charming, quick witted, forward thinking, a total package. An inquisitive, mentally sharp and conceptual approach to life serves to engage you in an active, outwardly focused relationship with the world. You need to get out into the world and mix up to a style that is upbeat and expressive.

Zodiac Sign Styling – Playful Gemini should love experimenting with fashion. Look for bright colours, fun colours and patterns that express your natural vitality. Go for clothes that allow you plenty of physical flexibility and movement (but not athletic clothes). Go for styles that will let you mix and match like slacks with a great pair of shoes or a vintage top or even a cute skirt.

Men – Geminis choose democratic style like shirts, jeans, easy jackets, waistcoats, etc. A classical jacket could be replaced by a jacket, shirt, knitted shirts with fastener, polo.

Best Fabrics – You should display a shoulder baring blouse or a chunky ring perhaps. The mutable quality of sign is shown in the multi-layered clothes (like multi-layered shirts with flounces, dresses in linear style with shoulder straps – spaghetti).

4. Cancer – (June 22 – July 22)Zodiac sign styling cancer

The sentimentalism of Cancer extends to your clothes. You are intuitive, moody, needy and have great memory, thanks to the element of water. You are attracted to antiquity and have a very expressive face.

Some tips for your overall zodiac sign styling:

Body Parts – Breasts, Heart, chest and lungs

Element – Water

Ruler – Moon

Gemstone – Pearl, amber, Moonstone

Metal Silver

Personality Traits – Domestic, maternal, love to nurture others, patriotic, emotional, at times selfish and lazy. But you are a devoted romantic until the end.

Zodiac Sign Styling – Your mantra ‘less is more’ with a feminine touch and shape is important. You like handmade items, one of its kind clothes, but hate tacky clothes.

Your preferences include skirts and pants. You love to keep your favourite clothes for years and often wear them until they are worn out completely.

Men – Generally, stick to tried and tested styles. You feel most confident in formal shirts, white, off white long kurtas and subtle colours.

Best Fabrics – Fluid, shiny and mesh like knits, jersey, flannel and suede. Try to combine hard and soft qualities and layers. You love long necklaces, exquisite jewellery and pearls. Moon rules the sign of Cancer that is white, off-white, creams, shades of grey and silver find a special preference in a cancerian’s world. Lace and soft nets are carried well by Cancer women, and you may add tops, knee length skirts or light Kurtis.

Zodiac Sign Styling Tips To be Continued in next Issue………………..(Stay tuned)

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