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“Humari chhoriyan chhoro se kam hai key”, this legendary and famous dialogue from the Hindi movie
Dangal, has manifested its true meaning for Indian women’s sports. While it’s true that women in our
society are subjected to societal perceptions, they constantly push their boundaries to meet similar treatment
as men. Still, in this process, some have succeeded, too, with their hard work and constant dedication.
Amidst the prevailing perceptions of women’s inferiority, some exceptional female athletes have emerged as
beacons of inspiration, igniting the aspirations of future generations.

Sania Mirza
The tennis queen redefined expectations for Indian women on the global stage. With six major titles – three in women’s doubles and three in mixed doubles, she was ranked by the Women’s Tennis Association as the No. 1 Indian in singles. Throughout her career, Mirza has established herself as one of India’s most known, highest-paid,
and influential athletes. Her doubles victories, alongside her audacious personality, challenged stereotypes
and proved that grace and power could reside in the same swing of a racket.
Dipa Karmakar
Hailing from Tripura, Dipa is a famous name in gymnastics. She was the first Indian female gymnast to qualify for the Olympics. Her daring ‘Produnova’ vault and competition against the world’s top gymnast, Simone Biles,
at the 2016 Rio Olympics earned her a fourth-place finish and her respect and admiration worldwide.
PT Usha
Known as the “Payyoli Express, PT Usha had garnered the title of “The Queen of Indian Athletics”. The “Golden
Girl” who scorched the track with her immense speed, proving that Indian women could conquer the world of athletics. Her near-miss at a 1984 Olympic medal is often romanticized. Quoting media, PT Usha said,
“I never wanted to be an Olympian. All I wanted was to keep breaking my record. I never competed to defeat anybody”, which is enough to inspire the upcoming generations.
Mary Kom
Six times World Champion and an Olympic bronze medalist in boxing, hailing from Manipur, MC Mary
Kom is the absolute epitome of sportsmanship. The fire in her eyes ignited a sporting revolution in the
Northeast, giving hope to countless girls who dared to dream of gloves and glory. After her sixth world title
in 2018, the Government of Manipur conferred on her “Meethoi Leima”, which means great or exceptional lady, in a
felicitation ceremony held in Imphal on 11 December 2018. The government of India has awarded her the Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan, and Padma Shri.
Mithali Raj
It is a known fact that Indians are really into Cricket, and they believe Cricket is a sport of gentlemen! But
this woman proved this statement wrong by revolutionising the cricket industry. As the captain of the Indian
women’s cricket team, Mithali has led by example, breaking records and inspiring a generation of young
cricketers. From breaking records of Karen Rolton’s highest individual test score of 209* to leading India in finals, Raj has come a long way to inspire other girls to be cricketers

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