Top 5 doctor's share their top 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

Top 5 doctor’s share their top 5 tips for a healthy lifestyle

It is interesting to find what the doctors do themselves in their personal lives to stay healthy and fit. Here are some basic norms that these leading doctors suggest and follow themselves to stay healthy! Dr. Piyush Ranjan, Additional Professor, Department of Medicine, AIIMS, New Delhi Dr. Piyush Ranjan is an obesity and metabolic health …

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The new midlife crisis

The new midlife crisis

As Spotify declare that 42 is the age people start listening to chart music again, we examine the new rules of having a midlife crisis. How did we swap the Ferrari for Taylor Swift? Wear it dry, and you’ve got your standard dusting of colour—classic and predictable (in a good way). But wet! Wearing it …

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sakshi gandhi

Know Your Diet with Sakshi Gandhi

She is a leading nutritionist, dietician and Holistic health coach (with an additional certification in Ayurveda nutrition). Her specializations include lifestyle dietetics and mental health counselling. She stands out from other dieticians because she does not set unrealistic goals for her clients; instead, she insists on a better and healthier lifestyle! Here is a conversation …

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Lippi Parida


Spinning vortices of energy in the body, storehouses of experiences and memories. What could they be? When the body’s chakras are balanced, a human experiences clarity, joy, fearlessness and freedom. Nineteenth-century Nepalese Tantric paintings of the chakras were used as a teaching aid to show the seven major chakras of the human body. Strangely innovative …

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“Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephan Chbosky: This coming of age story of a 15 year old boy is narrated in first person perspective. It is basically a collection if letters sent by Charlie, the protagonist to an un-named address. It feels as if the boy is communicating with the reader himself. The story …