Best Parenting Tips On How Parents Should Interact With Adolescents

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What are the topics that parents should discuss with their child to avoid a stormy relationship during his adolescence?

The parents need to to have open dialogue with their child about his ambitions, anxieties, inclinations, aspirations and dreams. Make early attempts to bond up with your child in an intimate manner. There is always a natural rebel in an adolescent but parents can ensure that they give their child the respective space to speak out. Be open and honest with your child, at the same time.

When the adolescent lies, how should the parents respond?

parenting tips for adolescents

First of all, the parents need to focus on why the child is lying at the first place. Most of the times, it is the fear of being scolded. You need to tell your child that it is okay to make mistake and you will forgive him for the same. Let go and try to win your child’s confidence instead of spying on him. Do not be judgmental! Make sure when your child confines something to you, you do not scold or constantly nag him for the same. Be ready for a turbulent relationship at times but it is the responsibility of parents to constantly motivate, support and when needed, moralize their child.

How can parents maintain the balance between being strict and being liberal with their child?

The parents need to set clear boundaries by sitting with their child and making rules, he is going to abide by. The parents should make sure that they fix time for how much time will he use phone, how much time will he watch television and how long their child will stay out. And if the child comes even 10- 20 minutes late, address the issue right away rather than yelling at him when he comes back at 12. Strike the perfect balance between being a parent and a friend to your child. How to counsel your child during the examination and once the results are out?

adolescents parenting tips

During the examination, be supportive and ask your child to do their best. There is no point making child feel miserable about anything during exams. Once the results are out, look at course of action you can take now. Once the results are out, they are out! There is no point of yelling and scolding your child. The focus should not be on reprimanding your child but figuring out how to go on with the further course.

How can you harness the creative energy of your child towards a better future?

It is very simple. When you and your child are confused, consult a counselor. When parents don’t want to impose their ambitions upon their child and the child himself /herself is unable to decide, the best way is to refer to a well-qualified academic counselor. When you involve a specialist, the results are bound to be neutral and fruitful.

By – Punita Singh

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