Beauty Queen Lopamudra Raut

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I was born to do this! Beauty Queen Lopamudra Raut :She is charming; she is incredibly stunning, she has got everything that makes a perfect, confident package! Meet Maharashtra girl and Miss United Continents 2016 Lopamudra Raut as she reveals the golden moments of beauty pageants and her journey with TLJ.

What inspired you to participate in Femina Miss India 2013?

I have grown up as a tomboy. I wasn’t much bothered about the way I looked but when I joined college for engineering, I started receiving a lot of compliments about my looks. I have always believed that nature talks to you in one way or the other so amidst receiving all this attention, a friend of mine suggested me to participate in Femina Miss India and I felt that yes I can! Also, once during some group study for an exam, a newspaper lying beside me caught my eye. It had this 20-year old girl who had won Femina Miss India on its front page. I heard this voice inside of me say that I wanted to do it and I told my friends that next year I will be in the same newspaper wearing the same tiara and holding the same title of Miss India! This is how the journey to the title began.

How much did your family support your choice of participating in the beauty pageants?

I am from Nagpur and participating in beauty pageants is not something that was considered as a profession by the girls of Nagpur. It is a small town and honestly people had conservative thinking. Also, I belonged to a family with conventional thinking so convincing them was a little hard too, especially my father. My father is a very highly educated man, but for him beauty pageants may be a great deal but not a great career. All he wanted from me was to complete my engineering because leaving it in between would have been disgraceful. But I had this feeling inside me that something good out there is waiting for me. So, I took a little money from my dad and went to participate in Miss India, Goa. It was the first time I was stepping out of my home on my own but I was very well driven by my passion to succeed. I won the title but the happiness of winning somehow felt incomplete without the presence and support of my family. It took time but now my entire family is very proud of the choices I made. Also, I completed my engineering so I didn’t let my dad down in any way.

“When I will become a mother I will definitely push my daughter to participate in beauty pageants”, what is the idea behind saying this?

I really wish I have a girl child and if I have a daughter in future I would really want her to participate in beauty pageants. The reason is that I look at myself and how I have evolved after participating in beauty pageants. If I see the difference in myself before and after participating in various pageants, I realise that I have become stronger and better. I think every girl should experience beauty pageants once in her life. It’s a beautiful experience, you get to know about your strength and it gives you a great boost of confidence as well as exposure. I have seen people even in Mumbai who have not accepted this as a career choice whereas according to me it’s a great choice of career and all over evolution.

You are a successful model and a fashion enthusiast now, who is your favourite Indian fashion designer?

I have a couple of favorite Indian designers like Falguni and Shane, Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, Manish Malhotra and Gavin Miguel. I have immense love for Indian and ethnic wear with a little fusion.

What are some wardrobe essentials according to you?

According to me the things that every girl should have in her wardrobe are a chic pair of shorts, a trendy pair of boots, ripped jeans, a classic leather jacket and a crisp white shirt. I think these are the most basic yet the most fashionable things that should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe.

We all know that it takes a lot of effort into staying fit and especially as fit as you are. What are the things that you do to maintain this physique of yours?

I make sure I have proper food intake. I don’t binge on carbs and keep high intake of proteins. I have a lot of fruits fresh vegetables; healthy is not boring for me. Also, I have seen women suffer on the name of dieting, I really want to say dieting does not mean starving rather it means intake of healthy food that has proper amount of nutrient and minerals.
I keep my sugar intake in check, I have minimal amount of sugar just because a little of everything is necessary. Also, I do weight training at least 4-5 days a week and regular workout to keep myself toned and fit.

What can you say about your experiences of being a part of two very famous reality shows – Bigg Boss and Khatron Ke Khiladi – Pain In Spain?

Participating in these two reality shows has made me a stronger person because of the experiences I have gone through. I find myself really fortunate enough to get these unique experiences. I have evolved as a person; it has given me some sort of patience. Both these shows were equally tough in their own ways, I feel much more empowered.I have gotten one big lesson from Khatron Ke Khiladi that there is nothing like fear in our life, fear is just this imaginary thing we have created around ourselves. Once we break through this wall of fears, we have this infinite amount of knowledge, learning and experiences waiting for us. All we have to do is shed our fears. There is just no limit to anything because fear is just a state of mind and nothing else. We have no idea how powerful our mind is until we do things to explore this power and Khatron Ke Khiladi gave me this opportunity.

What would you have been if not a beauty queen or an actor?

I think I was just made for this. I was just born to be the way I am right now. But other than that I think if not this than I would just have been continuing with the profession of an engineer that I already am or be an entrepreneur. It is just that I figured out at the right time that I was born to do something other than engineering.

Tell us about your struggle to get recognition in the glam world.

I have had my own hardships and a great deal of struggle. It was not like I just went to my family telling them I want to do something totally opposite to what I was doing back then and they readily agreed. No! I had to struggle a lot at every stage. My journey was like growing of a bamboo tree that first grows beneath the ground for years and then shoots above the ground in a few weeks. People may think that I shot to fame just like that but there was struggle underneath.

Are you a feminist? What is your take on feminism these days?

Yes, I am a feminist and I think being a woman is a power in itself; a power gifted to us by God. If you are a feminist, you feel strong from within; you don’t need to seek help. We don’t have to ask the other gender to help us get our rights, equal rights; rather we should just help each other. I have seen women bringing each other down, how will that help? A woman should help another woman grow; it is this way only we can achieve what we really want to instead of just seeking for help. Why expect the other gender for anything, when we are capable enough to get and to do anything?

What charms you at first sight, looks or personality?

I think I am more charmed by personality than by just looks. I can accept an average looking person with a fairly good personality over a good looking person with an ugly personality any day. The thing that impresses is the way someone talks, especially how a man treats a woman, which is very important for me. Yeah, there is no harm in a good looking person with a good personality. It’s just the eloquence in a man that attracts me at first sight rather than his looks.

If you were given a chance to live a day again, which one would it be?

I think it would be the day when I won Miss United Continents 2016, that night we had so much fun. All my friends from all over the country came as if they already knew I would win. We booked a suite and threw a party for my victory. We also invited all the other girls who participated for the title, and to my surprise every one showed up. We had a really great time and I really wish I could live it again.

Is there any specific social cause you are supporting right now?

I am not connected to any foundation or have not started a foundation of my own right now in order to help people, but yes I do my bit. I make sure I can help anyone who really needs help. I want to first be in a position where I can help many people at once but for now I do the best I can individually even if it is providing for a girl’s marriage at village or anything for that sake. I am at the very root level but I really have plans to do more once I get in a position to do it.

Is there anyone in the Bollywood whom you consider as a role model?

I have always looked up to Priyanka Chopra, the way she entered the industry and carved a niche for herself is phenomenal. I am very impressed and motivated by her growth and all the efforts she had put in to be at the level she is today. She definitely inspires me a lot. Her whole journey is very impressive and motivating.

What are the things you do to get away from the hustle and bustle of life?

Because there is so much going on in life at all times, I like to take out some time to stay calm and composed. I am more of a spiritual person; I go to Siddhivinayak temple whenever I can. I just sit there and it gives a really peaceful and refreshing feeling. It’s like a break from all that goes on in my life.


What are the five things that are always there in your hand bag?

My cards because expense is the key factor! Other than that my phone, because it yet another thing I can’t go out without, a lipstick, a perfume and some mints. Nowadays, the lipstick that I am using is the one from Huda Beauty; I really like its matte lip colours.


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