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When did you realize you want to be a blogger?

I started almost 5 years ago, blogging wasn’t as popular as it is now-a-days, I just kept posting pictures of my outfits and writing about it on my blog and it eventually grew to what it is today.

How did the idea of creating a blog come about?

I did not really think and had an epiphany one day that I wanted to start a blog. I started writing and taking pictures, the whole process was very organic. I have always loved fashion and dressing up. So Pernia’s pop up shop had this section that featured people with cool style. One day, I asked my sister to take some pictures so that I could send them, but my sister suggested me to post those pictures online and write about how I styled my outfit, so that really was it and the rest is history. Fun fact: I never sent those pictures to be featured on Pernia’s pop up shop.

Share some styling tips.

I follow no fashion rules, my styling tip is wearing everything that you love and wear it all together. Fashion is all about individuality and expressing yourself.

Have you ever thought of working as a model?

No, never. I feel being a model, you are just a canvas for other people’s ideas however with blogging you get freedom to be everything you want to be, bring your creative ideas to life.

What is your alternate career option?

If given a choice my alternative career option be a styling or a creative director.

Describe your style.

I am a fashion bipolar, I have no specific style, my style is a mix of everything at once, I dress up according to my mood and how I am feeling that day and that’s what makes it all the more fun. My style is eccentric, colourful, I love making statements, I love standing out and my style is definitely not for the faint hearted.

What is the main difference between Indian and international fashion?

The timeline. The trends reach pretty late to the Indian Market and I believe that gap is now getting bridged due to international brands entering the global market.

In your opinion, can an outfit (look) influence the opinion of one person over another?

Yes, it definitely can.

You are a benchmark of fashion for many women in the world. How does it feel?

I don’t really know how to feel about that. I just want women to not to be afraid while dressing up and wear what they love to wear, without any inhibitions and stressing about what others might think. If I can make even one person feel that way, I will be the happiest.

Who is your inspiration and why?

I have no particular person as my inspiration. The streets really inspire me, looking at pictures of my mom and how she dressed back in the day, I feel like inspiration is everywhere.

How do you deal with pressure and negative trolls?

I believe in giving it back to the trolls with a pinch of salt and I think no one should get disheartened by what trolls say, if your outfit or your work makes you feel happy then you should try not to get affected by what a person cowardly†hiding behind a screen writes about you.

Which spring-summer 2019 trend are you eager to wear?

Right now, I am totally obsessed with statement sleeves and vintage printed shirts and blouses.

What do you splurge on?

I would say earrings

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

Statement sleeves are back from the seventies and eighties and I love anything vintage or vintage inspired.

What is your next “must have” purchase?

Vintage Fendi Zucca Mini Chef Bag

Your favourite Indian blogger

I love Rhea Gupte but she doesn’t really blog anymore but whatever she posts, I find it really inspiring.

Favourite International Blogger

At the moment, I love Beth Jones from @bjonesstyle

The Quirkiest thing you have done in your life

Painted my skirt 3 hours before wearing it to the fashion week. If that counts as quirky.

Things you cannot live without

In literal sense air and water and plants. Otherwise has to be phone, camera and laptop

One happy memory you can never forget

Winning the Best DIY Blog at the Cosmopolitan India Blogger Awards 2018.

Your favourite holiday destination

Jodhpur, I always wanted to go there. Also Bali, Greece, Morocco. From the places I have been to, Spiti was magical.

Your guilty pleasure

Eating Imli (tamarind)

Brands you love the most

Alessandra Rich, Gucci, Adagio (my own label) and some home grown women owned brands like Khadi Cult, Shop Retro Days.

Favourite City

Greater Noida

Favourite Fashion Designer

Manish Arora, Alessandro Michelle, Sabyasachi

Favourite Restaurant

Cafe Lota at Crafts Museum

Fashion Icon

No one in particular but my mom and dad, Beyonce, Rihanna and a lot of random people I observe on the streets.

Most recent purchase

Micheal Kors Logo Wristlet

What would you suggest to someone seeking fashion advice?

Break free from your inhibitions and wear what you love.

What, according to you, is the future of blogging in India?

Blogging is getting bigger and I think this is only the beginning.

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