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Check out: Expensive and Outrageous things bought by celebrities!

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Celebrities are called celebrities for a reason! They have money, they are famous, they are influential and most importantly they can buy stuff, anything they want or desire. We have made a list of some really expensive and insane things some celebrities have purchase.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has worn a lot of weird and out worldly costumes but did you know she owns an “Electro Magnetic Filed Reader” to keep the ghosts and other paranormal entities away while she goes for tours! She bought it for $50,000.

lady gaga ghost machine expensive buys

Daniel Radcliffe’s

Yes, even Daniel is on the list! The “Harry Potter” actor spent $17,000 on a mattress once! Although he does not seems like a celeb who spends a lot. Comfort matters a lot to some people.

Daniel Radcliffe’s mattress expensive buy

Justin Bieber

In 2011, the youth icon bought ridiculously expensive “costume-made mouth bling” as a part of his Halloween costume. The accessory cost him a whopping $5,000 and he even hired jeweler Ben Baller of If&Co. to create a special gold grill just for him.

Justin Bieber Again!

Yes, Justin is again on the list for his “Batmobile”. Justin owns the coolest car owned by a fictional superhero. The vehicle is a tricked-out version of a Cadillac CTS-V with suicide doors, a bat logo on the grill and a black matte finish. The vehicle costs is $1,000,000.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is Hilton for a reason! Her lavish lifestyle is not a huge secret. Once, Paris spent $ 325,000 on a “custom dog mansion” for her pups that sits in the backyard of her Beverly Hills estate. The mansion includes a crystal chandelier, central air, a closet and a downstairs living room! What! Yes, you heard it right, all this for her love for dogs.

Nicolas Cage

The “Ghost Rider” star bought a dinosaur skull worth $276,000 and wait…a pyramid-shaped tombstone that he bought for his final resting place. Crazy isn’t it? Why would someone buy a skull and that too of a dinosaur.

Mike Tyson

Another celebrity who bought insane stuff is Mike Tyson. Mike Tyson spent over $2.2 million back in his heyday on a 24 karat gold bathtub! Imagine getting a bath in a gold bathtub seems like an expensive dream, apparently not for Mike Tyson.

Celine Dion

“My heart will go on”, the singer of this popular song from the famous movie “Titanic”, Celine Dion bought a humidifier for $ 2 million. Average humidifier comes for $20 dollars!

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise was in the news when he bought a sonogram machine for his then-fiancée Katie Holmes. The purpose of purchasing this was to see the baby through machine whenever they want. Sonogram machines generally cost around $25,000 to $200,000. Fancy, eh?


Yes, Queen B is also on the list! How can we exclude Beyonce from this luxury items list? In 2007, she bought a pair of Balenciaga leggings for BET awards that were made of pure gold and guess the cost? The leggings were for $1000, 000 dollars. Not just fake gold, the real gold which comes from mine. When it comes to Beyonce nothing is just casual, everything is extra ordinary.

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