‘Dil Bechara’ Intense, Emotional & a bit Gloomy

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Excellent acting, intense movie, SSR had simply set this flick one notch higher with his unquestionably great acting talent. Full credit to the film team for making it a great watch! In a bigger picture though, tragic stories are the last thing people would like to watch during COVID 19 pandemic writes TLJ Chief Consulting Editor Dr Neha Miglani.

Most of us watched “Dil Bechara” on July 24, the first day of its release, I did so due to obvious journalistic curiosity. Great acting, an obvious element of love and sympathy surrounding SSR. Undoubtedly an excellent actor he was and his movie is epic in terms of the tremendous emotions running through his fans hearts and minds, I being one of them. Kedarnath and MS Dhoni have been among my favourite movies. For Sanjana Sanghi, it is most certainly an excellent start. An Intense and deep story one would say. Music was simply awe-inspiring. A.R. Rahman, the name is enough. The music is touching, appealing and just perfect! Casting director Mukesh Chhabra could not have asked for a better directorial debut that this one. The movie, undoubtedly, heads towards being a great hit.

I have a very big concern though. Given the situation surrounding SSR’s untimely demise, which TLJ covered extensively in its July 2020 edition, and the current COVID-19 pandemic situation in India specifically, the Indian film makers need to consider their role seriously. In general too, the Indian Film makers need to reconsider their role earnestly. Dil Bechara – the movie- was ideated and shot before the pandemic hit India terribly, still at a time when COVID-19 is driving people fearful and sad and depressed, the last thing one wants to see is people dying of diseases in movies. Had it not been this moment, of SSR’s untimely demise, this movie could possibly have been dismissed by the audience and critics alike- for the sheer timing of release.

For one, the Indian film audiences need more fruitful, meaningful, contributive, cheerful, happy, hopeful, holistic movies. Or to put it better “Better cinema”. Based on imaginations and good animations, our history (but in right perspective), cosmic principles, vedic sciences, many many more areas left unexplored yet. Several Indian films have only made minds of our teens and youngsters dumb and created a wrong concept of what love is in real life! Creating a false notion of life and love both. Infact several smaller budget and meaningful movies have made a great watch in recent past (actor Akshay kumar for instance does many of them). Our own local superhero for instance is Bahubali. India’s own hero. The movie was an excellent watch, well written, well executed and a good drama to watch. Whatever it may be- but useful and meaningful for society and our youth.
Time for a bit of change I feel.

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