Dressing Up With Beads - Here Are The 5 Most Stylish Ways

Dressing Up With Beads – Here Are The 5 Most Stylish Ways

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Our experts are here to help you discover the ways to spice up your glam quotient by dressing up with beads from head to toe. Bead work is best because it’s a style that never goes out of fashion. Beadwork is an old technique that has carved its way into the modern fashion. Beads sewn or strung into various items are commonly used by women, especially the ones off to college.

Here’s A List Of Few Things Which Make The Dressing Up With Beads Work Way Easy

Dressing Up With Beads Way #1: Clothes

dressing up with beads: beads dress

dressing up with beads: beads backless dressThe different colours, shapes and sizes of beads make them an ideal material to design clothes. Bead work is seen in a large range of clothes from tops to jeans to kurtis to sarees to dresses and gowns. Apart from being used in embroidery, stringed beads make for very attractive straps on clothes.

Dressing Up With Beads Way #2: Necklaces

dressing up with beads necklace

green necklace dressing up with beads

eads are best complemented when strung in thread or wires. This is why beaded jewellery in the form of necklaces is a must have for every woman. While casual beaded necklaces look very chic with western attire, the beauty of a classic pearl string redefines classiness and sophistication.

Dressing Up With Beads Way #3: Bracelets

bead bracelets dressing up with beads

It goes without saying that bracelets made of beads are every girl’s favourite. One of the latest trends is of wearing beads with alphabets engraved on them to spell out your own or a loved one’s name. This property of customisation gives a feeling of uniqueness to the owner.

Dressing Up With Beads Way #4: Bags

dressing up with beads: Beads bag

Bead studded bags, clutches and wallets are the best choice for traditional celebrations. While beaded bags can be used casually as well, the elegance and frivolity they provide in a traditional atmosphere is pleasing all the more. In fact, every woman must own one potli-bag that is the fusion of ethnicity as well as practicality for any family function.

Dressing Up With Beads Way #5: Footwear

dressing up with beads: beads footwear

It may come as no surprise that beads make a very attractive decoration for the footwear as well. Contradictory to popular belief, beads can be used for modern as well as traditional footwear. Having said this, it must be added how beads add manifold charm to the glory of the Punjabi jutti.

You can customise your attire to look formal or casual by picking up beads of suitable prices. One of the better facts about bead is that it is a favourite item for the DIY lovers. A bead here and a bead there can make your extra-ordinary looking accessory into a style-statement.

So these were some cool and appealing dressing up with beads tips, hope you try them at home and enjoy a sophisticated yet casual style.

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