Chandigarh based Novelist Vani got International Acclaim!

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Vani successfully launches her new non-fiction book at a gala event in Los Angeles

City based novelist of ‘The Recession Groom’ fame, Vani Kaushal, has found international acclaim with the launch of her new nonfiction book at a gala event in Los Angeles. Her book, ‘Flowers Forever’ (published by World Wide Art Books) celebrates the four-decade artistic career of Elizabeth ‘Lizo’ Shahenian, an award-winning American Armenian artist. The event that was held earlier this week at one of the oldest and most renowned galleries in LA, Whites Fine Art Gallery, drew a huge response from art collectors and received massive support from the Montrose-Verdugo City Chamber of Commerce.
Talking about her book, Vani enumerated how she was approached by Elizabeth on Twitter to review her paintings for her book, an opportunity she grabbed with both hands, without knowing how she was going to do it. The difficulties of taking the plunge from romance writing to non-fiction aside, her hesitation had a lot to do with her unfamiliarity with the art scene in the United States.

‘Flowers Forever’ is Vani’s second book and will be available on Amazon soon. It has been designed, written, edited and compiled by her. Her first book, ‘The Recession Groom’, was a rom com that garnered her rave reviews and widespread acclaim from Indian media, both print and electronic. Vani splits her time between reading and writing columns for news platforms like Scroll, Quint and Open Magazine. Meanwhile, she just finished writing a romance novel which will be out soon.
About the publisher: Based in Santa Barbara, California, World Wide Art Books is a leading art publisher in the United States that has published and represented over 8000 artists from all over the world.
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