Girl of the moment : Shruti Chauhan

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She began modelling when she was just 17. Later, after couple of shoots and walking the ramp, she got introduced to the big fashion alleys of the industry. There’s a certain quality about Shruti’s personality that makes her different…she appears happy, relaxed, strong and natural always! She is now bowling people over with her electrifying presence at the fashion shows.
Here is an excerpt from a conversation with Shruti Chauhan, who expressed her feelings about modeling, fashion industry, her love for painting and a lot more…!

How did you start your journey as a model?
Honestly, I was always asked to try it out since I was the tall kid around. I started off with doing free shoots and shows for a bunch of labels when I was 17 and once I give it a try there was no looking back. I walked for my first big show as a model for Rebecca Deewan a couple of years ago and since then modelling has been my love and passion.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
Rihanna, hands down. I think she stands out and every outfit that she puts together shows her personal flare. But I have many who have inspired me over the years. Right now I save a hundred pictures of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner in my Instagram ‘saved’ tab. I love how their style is so vintage but also fashion forward at the same time.

How much is privacy important to you in this age of social media?
It’s the key to be sane in this world. I have never been tech-savvy; I had a Nokia for the longest time till I really started working.
It is very important to be connected with people you love or the ones who love you but it is also important for you to keep sometime intimate to yourself, to feel content with yourself, especially when a major portion of your life is already exposed!

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion for me is a manifestation of my personality; it is about who I really am and what I am feeling on that particular day. It is comfort but sometimes to go out of your comfort zone to create something unique which defines you is important.

The most treasured item in your closet?
My mother’s first Casio watch from her wedding. She gave it to me years back and it’s been there with me since.

What does your morning routine include?
It depends on how my previous day has been since my job is so uncertain. But if I am home I always take out time for yoga and a nice cup of tea after.

One thing you cannot live without?
Music. I start my day and end my day with it. It’s the one thing that will connect with you the most in any mood or situation.

What is the best and the worst thing about being a model?
The best part about modelling is that it takes you through different experiences in life, the ones you never expect. It helps you grow as a person, meet divergent personalities who are extremely talented and travel a lot. Also the fact that you actually get to wear so many creations before anyone else does.
The worst part would be the fact that it is not all that glamorous as it really looks neither is it something that people assume it to be which makes them look down upon this field. There is plenty of hard work and determination. It’s all about staying compatible by staying yourself.

What advice would you give to a 16-year-old?
Don’t think, just do it. By that I don’t mean be reckless, I mean live your life to the fullest. Risk it, take a step out of your comfort zone and don’t hesitate to try new things. The cliché ‘You will never be 16 again’.


One beauty product you swear by?
Baby oil. That is one product I religiously swear by.

Three things that are always in your bag
My perfume, earphones and lip balm. You will always find these in any of my bags without fail.

If your days had an extra hour, what would you do?
I would love to start painting more often. It’s always been my passion but I don’t get much time to complete my pieces.

The most memorable ‘modelling moment’ you ever had
When I walked my first ever Lakme Fashion Week show. I always watched it when I was younger and it had been a dream to be there since. My first walk on that ramp as a Lakme model was absolutely overwhelming, stuffed with mixed emotions.

Your favorite fashion designer?
Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He is the biggest reason I got into modelling. It is my dream to be a part of his campaign someday.

Your favorite makeup artist?
My current favourite has to be Elton Fernandez- I love him! He is so creative with his looks but makes it look so natural.

Who is your 3 am friend?
My mother. She is my saviour.

Your biggest style regret
None, honestly. Your style and your choices grow with you, and whatever my style is or has been at any point in my life has defined me at that particular time.

Do you watch TV shows?
I don’t really watch too many shows but I am obsessed with ‘Friends’. It is my all-time favourite show. I can still binge on it after watching all the episodes a hundred times!

Your advice to young models
Be strong, patient and kind. It’s a different world and it takes a lot (of effort) to be a part of it. But just don’t lose yourself to fit in; be who you are, give everything you have to offer at your best and enjoy the rollercoaster ride.


Your fitness mantra
Think positive, eat everything, exercise daily, work hard, stay strong and be happy.

Your favorite holiday destination
I always feel connected to the mountains. So any place with the experience of the mountains is my favorite place to escape.


Favorite food
I love Sushi and dumplings. I would have it any time of the day.

Favorite movie
Highway by Imtiaz Ali, one of the movies I feel most connected to.

Favorite Book
A Little Book of Life Lessons – Words That Matter by The Oprah Magazine. It never fails to inspire.


Beauty products you swear by
My Johnson & Johnson Baby oil and Charlotte Tilbury Magic cream.

Love is
‘Too young to know what conscience is’- my favourite line by Shakespeare.

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