Here Are Few Important Tips For Handling Teenagers

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Handling Teenagers Pooja

We often hear parents say, “There is no greater challenge in this world than that of being a parent of a teenager!” Consequently ‘Teenage’ is labeled as the phase when you are too young for half the things you want to do and too old to do the other half. Amid this paradox, the life and wellness coach Pooja Kumar smashes all fallacies related to adolescence and enlightens about the new energies that are being generated at this tender age and the ways and means to facilitate the teenagers’ holistic development!

Firstly, It Is Important To Understand The Factors Which Determine The Behaviour Of A Teenager

Adolescence: Considered a complex phase of human life!

When the children are in their teens, parents find themselves in their 40s, sandwiched between raising young kids and trying to take care of aging parents while also trying to support their families financially. Young kids have their own new world to explore while parents expect them to focus on a bright and prosperous future. Just because the parents are not on the same page as their children, they tend to label their adolescents as complex and complaining.

Ways to ensure that the teens maintain their calm in this transitional period (with hormonal surges at its peak). In teenage years, the mind of an adolescent is governed by hormones. Fundamentally, it is this novel energy gushing in their bodies which makes them curious to try new things, make more friends, and demand their own space and so on. With so much happening in the body and the mind, there is a need to help them de-clutter and be in tune with their inner wisdom. They must be given an insight in Synergy i.e. syncing with the energy.

Are Teenagers Wise enough to make significant decisions of their lives? 

In the youthful years of a child he should be made to take his own decisions. Alas! The parents are afraid that their child may make wrong choices, land up in a bad company and ruin his life. Fears like these induce the parents to take more control thereby shutting down the internal guide of their teenager. Parents need to work their way backwards. They must encourage and guide their children to take responsibility and carve their own life. In order to equip the child to take wise decisions in his life, he needs to be given the freedom to exercise his choices and learn from his own mistakes.

Teenagers and Wellness Retreats: Breaking the Stereotype

A wellness coach can offer a way to stimulate the youngsters’ creativity, boost their confidence and make them happier and harmonious. The teenager can be empowered and awakened to develop his ability to create different sensory images and to stimulate both the left and right brain functions, making them more focused and receptive. The wellness retreat involves profound cleansing, erasing and centering aimed at polishing the youngsters to shine like ‘youngsters’.

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