Hate wrinkles on your leather jacket learn how to avoid them

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What’s cooler than donning a black leather jacket and a pair of black leather shoes in winter? Though it may weight heavy on your pocket, it’s worth the investment. But, being one of the most luxe materials, it calls for good care. Polishing is not enough! Take note of the following steps to make your leather shoes and jackets last longer.

Tips to Take Care of Leather Shoes
how to take care of your leather black brown colour shoes

Clean it

Remove dirt by cleaning your shoes with a leather cleaner specifically made for smooth leather. Shoe cleaners come in gels, foams, sprays, liquids, and creams. After cleaning the shoes properly let them dry for a few minutes and then clean them with a cotton cloth. It can be your old t-shirt, as long as it’s made of cotton. This is exactly how you should take care of your leather shoes.

Condition it

Conditioning your leather shoes will protect them from drying and cracking. Rub a small amount of conditioner on your shoe until the entire shoe has been covered with it. This is how you should condition your leather shoes.

Polish Well

While some shoe polish claim to be non-toxic, we do not know whether it’s true or not. Apply a bit of polish on the shoe, and rub it with a cloth or shoe brush in a circular motion.

Preserve it

Do not wear your leather shoes on a rainy day.

Tips to Take Care of Leather Jacket
leather jacket how can you take care of your leather jacket

Hang it Well

The wrinkled jacket doesn’t look good. Avoid folding your jacket whenever possible. Try and keep it out of direct sunlight as the heat will dry out the leather, while the bright light may cause discoloration. To avoid wrinkles on your leather jacket never ever just place on your bed!

Condition it

To keep your leather jacket intact, use a good leather conditioner. Some of the best conditioners come in spray form. It’s easy to use and saves time. After spraying, rub it so that it can penetrate deeper.

Clean Carefully

Never wash your leather jacket in a washing machine. Just fill a bucket with warm water and add a small amount of detergent and mix well. Moisten a soft cloth with soapy water and gently wipe it over the surface of the jacket.

Keep Away From Direct Heat

Keeping your leather jacket in scorching heat may damage the color so it’s better to dry it in shade. Make sure your jacket is completely dry or else you run the risk of mildew forming.

Let It Air Dry

If your leather jacket gets wet somehow, hang it evenly on a hanger to dry it at room temperature. Also, apply conditioner after drying.

Learn how you can Remove Wrinkles

Keeping the jacket on a hanger should prevent and remove minor wrinkles. But if you are bothered by big wrinkles then the best way is to take it to the professional leather cleaner. Alternatively, to remove wrinkles at home set your clothes iron at the lowest setting (labeled as “rayon”), place your jacket under a cloth, and iron the cloth quickly and briefly.

Keep the Dust Off

Sometimes your jacket may get covered with dust, it may need dusting. To avoid wrinkles or damaging the leather, use a dry cotton cloth, or camel hair brush.

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