Jassie Gill, The Top Notch Singer

Jassie Gill, The Top Notch Singer

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He marked his presence in the Punjabi Music Industry with the album ‘Batch mate’- an instant success that gave a super hit song ‘Chudiyan’. He went on to win scores of hearts with his excellent flair for music and acting. Meet Jassie Gill– the singer-turned-actor, who made his acting debut on the big screen in Mr & Mrs 420, is all set to appear opposite Rubina Bajwa in Neeru Bajwa’s directorial debut- Sargi (releasing in February 2017). Here is a tête-à-tête with the ‘shy guy’ from the Punjabi cinema with TLJ correspondent Divjot Kamboj…

The Journey Of Jassie Gill
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Most singers have some background of music or some major source of inclination towards music early in their lives, what is your childhood memory related to music?

Jassie Gill: Since a very young age, I have been very fond of singing. I would always sing while taking a shower and it used to be so loud that even my neighbours could listen! They would come to my mother and tell her that your son has been blessed with a beautiful voice. So I have been a great bathroom singer since childhood. There is no family history of music but my father had identified the singer in me. He would always encourage me to learn and sing.

How did your family react to your inclination towards singing as a profession?

Jassie Gill: My family has been very encouraging. They loved it when I would sing to them. My mother would secretly give all her savings so that I could record my songs. I never asked for money from my father. Their limitless love and support has gone a long way in shaping the singer in me.

Your favourite music during your growing up years?

Jassie Gill: I used to sing any song that was popular! I had a taste for the romantic Punjabi songs. I cherished the songs of Amrinder Gill and Kamal. I have been deeply inspired by their work.

So how and when did your serious connect with music actually happen?

Jassie Gill: I was the youngest and the only son in the family. All my sisters were very intelligent whereas I proved to be the exact opposite. Consequently, I had my share of scolding and bashing. To escape from studies, I chose singing and physical education as my subjects in college. There I got a chance of participating in the youth fest in which I came second, four times in a row…

How important it is for one to have a constant source of inspiration in this field?

Jassie Gill: It was Professor Narinder Dhiman, my music teacher who helped me to prepare for the youth festivals. He even gave me his compositions to sing. The song ‘Vich Pardesan’ has been written by him. When it comes to learning music, today there are numerous knowledge sources available online. There is a need to have constant guidance from someone who can give an honest advice as and when needed. I am thankful to EYP creations and Desi Crew for always being by my side.

What was your real break-through point in the music industry?

Jassie Gill: The song ‘Chudiyan’ in my very first album ‘Batchmate’ was appreciated by the listeners and within a few weeks, people startedrecognizingg me and soon there was a lot of acceptance and belongingness amongst the audiences. Later the song ‘Laden’ went on to become an even greater hit. Behind my success lies the love and blessings of all my well-wishers…

You seem to be surrounded by your friends all the time. Do you owe your success to them?

Jassie Gill: In our profession, factors like trust, loyalty and privacy matter a lot. I have a great tuning with my friends. Right from approving the lyrics to composing the song and shooting the video, they have been the backbone. We all started our journey together and they are now famous as the EYP creations and Desi Crew. So we all friends had one common interest that was our love for the music and it has kept us united.

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Jassie Gill At The Lifestyle Journalist

How did you pave you way into Pollywood?

Jassie Gill: That was a funny story. The video of my song ‘Lancer’ gave me an image of a not so well-off innocent village boy. People related to that role of mine. It was in the year 2014 that the directors approached me and narrated a story of a similar character. I was casted in the movie Mr. And Mrs. 420 and this initiated my journey as an actor as well.

Being a singer-turned-actor now, how different has your life been?

Jassie Gill: As a singer, the entire command is with you! You know your job well and it becomes easy to reach to the desired end result. However, it is exactly the opposite in movies. An actor needs to do what a director says. It is a lengthy process and as an actor you can play only 10% of the role independently. 90% success depends on your team. There is a whole lot of difference in releasing a movie and releasing your own album.

If you were not a singer, then what would you have done?

Jassie Gill: I would have gone abroad on study basis. And like any other Punjabi, I would have struggled to make ends meet to mint dollars, eventually becoming a permanent resident. If I was not an actor, I would have been driving the trala overseas.

What is the greatest challenge in the field of singing?

Jassie Gill: In my initial days, I wasted a lot of money because of the frauds. The greatest challenge is to get the right people who light the path for you. The dare is to get the right start. Then with your honest efforts, everything else will start falling in place.

Some videos of your marriage were viral on YouTube. Would you like to comment?

Jassie Gill: Those pictures were a professional photo shoot and not my marriage. I believe that my fans love me for my work and I don’t find a need of discussing private stuff. I prefer to keep my personal life at bay.

‘Udhta Punjab’ gives us an insight into the life of an artist drowned into intoxication. What is your opinion on that?

Jassie Gill: The people you are surrounded by make all the difference. Some ignorant artists believe that there is a distinctive swag about your appetite of consuming alcohol and getting intoxicated with drugs. Your circumstances and company pull you into this. It is an unnecessary evil that can easily be avoided. I also feel that singing has its own suroor and no amount of intoxication can ever match that level.

February is the time when love is talked about more! Any advice for the young fans?

Jassie Gill: This February, all the lovers should sing my songs to their beloved (laughs). On a serious note, I would say be it your family, friends or life partner, there is a need of understanding and valuing each other. Love should not be mere words; it should be expressed by your actions. To my young fans in love, my message is respect your partner and contribute to each other’s growth.

What has been your favourite fan moment?

Jassie Gill: On my birthday, I receive precious gifts from my fans. What make those presents really priceless is that they are mostly handmade. People express their love through numerous cards, collage and sketches. I admire their admiration for my work. Their love is my strength.

What are your upcoming projects?

Jassie Gill: J2B is my upcoming music album. And my movie, Sargi casting Babbal Rai, Rubina Bajwa and me is releasing on 24 February. It is the directorial debut of the renowned Neeru Bajwa.

Jassie Gill and Rupina

Any message for the budding singers?

Jassie Gill: If you feel that you have been blessed with a good voice, then do try a shot at studio singing. You never know what the destiny has planned for you. On top of it you will own your own record and you can tell your children that you once sang. The world values talent so give your voice a platform.
Box: “Love should not be mere words; it should be expressed by your actions. To my young fans in love, my message is respect your partner and contribute to each other’s growth.”

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