Just Breathe… Yoga & Beyond-The Journey Inward

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Inhale the future, exhale the past and find your balance of holding on and letting go.

What could be better than having a young yoga maestro unveil the magic of meditative “asanas”.

Nestled away in a tranquil ashram in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh, this yoga buff is a complete package of soul-searching postures and ‘yajnas’. With more than 16000 ‘yajnas’ performed by his spiritual guru and father, this devout ritual runs in his genes. In news for performing 47 ‘Mahamrityunjaya Yajnas’ with his father since lock down, for the well-being of the society, Chanda Yoganandu is an excellent example of service to mankind.

Tall and charming enough to be a fashion model, barely 28, he chose to be a role model guiding many to find their own light and peace.

His well sculpted physique, a composed posture and a radiant expression was endearing enough to explore the beauty of balance in ‘life’ and ‘asanas’. The ambient sounds of chirpy birds, light ringing of puja bells and the soft chanting of mantras was just right to indulge in the ancient art of yoga. Amidst the trees and the surroundings lit-up by the rising sun, with a humble greeting and a gentle smile, the yogi opened up about the ‘journey inward’.

The mystic odyssey & the dialogue

As a five-year-old child, Chanda followed in his father’s footsteps, who has been a yoga guru for the past 35 years and inherited the gem of yoga from him. His master’s in yoga led him to develop a better understanding of this ancient art as a science of well-being and an alternative therapy for treating ailments. The title of ‘Yoga Prashishak’ by the Indian Yoga Association empowered him to provide certification courses in advanced yogic techniques to yoga practitioners. Of a humble origin, the yogi defines ‘Yuj’, the Sanskrit version of yoga, which means ‘union’. Yoga trains the body and mind for the ‘union’ of the soul with the universe.

On a lighter note, does he agree that yoga is not about twisting and turning and circus artists exhibit much more flexibility than a yoga expert as ‘Sadhguru’ states? He agrees with an amused look, ‘Toning the muscles and enhancing the flexibility of the body is just a miniscule aspect of yoga’.

‘A workout for the mind and the soul, yoga is largely about breathing techniques- Pranayama, meditation- Dhyana, Detox processes- Kriyas and spiritual practices- Sadhnaî

‘This holistic science brings your inner self in tandem with outer influences, making you immune to external disturbances, helping to react emphatically in adverse situations’. His focus on ‘asanas’ and ‘yajna’ at such an unripe age is surreal. Unhesitatingly, he accepts, ‘Yes, my mind is ‘Chanchalasya Manaha’ (monkey mind), but I practice ‘Sadhna’ to control my thoughts and remain detached. ‘Sadhna’ is a concept of gaining command over body, breathe and mind, with a strong connection between them. A daily regime of meditation for 15 minutes disciplines the thoughts. Moreover, appreciating our blessings fills us with gratitude, shielding our mind from uncontrolled yearningsî. He unveils yet another harmonious stress-busting science, ‘the Singing bowls therapy’.

‘A rhythmic resonance created by Tibetan Therapy bowls effectively treats anxiety disorders. These sound waves create stillness and calmness in the mind promoting the release of feel-good hormones’.

So how does one indulge in these balming techniques to remain stress-free in COVID-times?

The yogi suggests, ‘Quarantine leaves no alternate other than online yoga sessions. A personal online session with an expert before joining the group sessions is better, to avoid injury due to faulty practice. Preferably, join the online sessions of a familiar yoga instructor for effective practice’. He suggests elementary ‘asanas’, to deal with stress related discomforts.

  • Vrikshasanaí
  • Ushtrasanaí
  • Hatha Yogaí
  • Dhanurasanaí

The guru shares his vision of taking his yoga studio,’Prana Yoga Shala’ to the next level. ‘A spiritual retreat in my ashram, at Nandyal (Kurnool), 360 kms from Hyderabad, would be a destination for yoga enthusiasts to unleash their souls in nature. The rejuvenating package would include yoga, meditation, yogic food and ‘ajnas’.

Registered with the International Yoga Alliance, he beams about going global with his yogic venture of meditation retreats. The epitome of the right blend of ‘asanas’ and ‘sadhna’, the guru inspires to plug into the technology of yoga to upgrade and refine our inner energies. He signs off with ‘Sadhguru’s doctrines, ‘Our physical health, psychological well-being and spiritual possibility depend on how well aligned we are with existence. ‘If you consciously hold an asana, it can alter the way you think, feel and experience life’.

Words worth remembering:

‘There is nothing else to do here, except live. The only choice you have is to either live Superficially or in a profound manner’. It’s not about walking the path of yoga but to carry yoga along on whatever path of life you choose!

Written By Baljeet Makin

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