Karan Johar’s twins Yash and Roohi turn one

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This day in 2017, Bollywood’s ace filmmaker Karan Johar was blessed with twins, Yash and Roohi through surrogacy. The 45-year-old Karan embraced fatherhood and announced to the world arrival of his pieces of heart as he wrote on social media, “I feel enormously blessed to be a parent to these pieces of my heart who were welcomed into this world with the help of the marvels of medical science.” As Karan introduced his two beautiful kids for the first time on Raksha Bandhan last year, social media showered them with a lot of love and blessings. The adorable kids won the hearts of many with the sparkle of their eyes, the innocence of their face and their cute poses.

For the world, Karan’s decision might have been sudden but for the filmmaker, it was a well thought out decision he took after considering all the responsibilities and duties of being a parent. Karan often got overwhelmed by the mention of his kids and has even written open letters to them. Today, little Yash and Roohi turn one and daddy Karan plans an intimate party for them with all B-Town kids including Taimur, Misha, Laksshya, Adira and others on the guest list. Before we get to witness the fun of this birthday party, we take you through what Karan has said about his little bundle of joys in the past one year and some of the cutest clicks of the birthday twins.

On them being premature babies, Karan wrote in his open letter, “My children were born two months premature and worryingly underweight. Like any person in this situation and on the brink of fatherhood, my heart sank. Knowing that there were complications with my babies birth owing to how soon it was, I was terrified. All I wanted to do was hold them and protect them but they needed to be in the NICU. It was painful to see how tiny they were…”

About holding his daughter Roohi for the first time in his arms, Karan said, “When I held them for the first time, I don’t think I can describe the feeling. I cannot explain what I felt. I just sat in the chair and held my daughter first, as she is a little more vulnerable medically. I didn’t even realise there were tears rolling down my face. That feeling cannot be replaced by any other emotion.”

Being born to a star father, Yash and Roohi have got all the eyes of the world on them but daddy Karan has already given them the advice of never being intimidated with “log kya kahenge (what will people say. “As you grow up, people will try to label you according to colour, looks, religion, popularity and money. People will gossip about you, but know that no one can label you. Just because you are different, it doesn’t make you wrong. You may be treated differently in school; mothers of your classmates will come to drop them, but you will have your father to take care of that. While most of your classmates’ mothers will make a WhatsApp group to discuss your homework, I will be the only father in it,” said the Ae Dil Hai Mushkil director as he read out his emotional letter for Yash and Roohi on TED Talks India Nayi Soch.

With Yash and Roohi in his life, Karan wants to be “a better person.” Sharing his dreams for the two kids, Karan had said, “I don’t want you to do what is expected just because I have a company and have built a legacy. I wish that I bring you up to become people who are fiercely independent in your choices, opinions and your individual lives. The legacy, if any, I want to pass on is the independence that I was given.”

Credit: The Indian Express

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