Karl Lagerfeld The Man Himself!

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The year 2019 saw the end of a great era in fashion, with Karl Otto Lagerfeld breathing his last on February 19, 2019. Here is a tribute to the fashion legend.

Karl Lagerfeld was born in a wealthy German family in 1933. His father was a businessman and mother was from Swedish background. He had two sisters, one older – Martha Christiane and other half sister-Thea. Karl changed his original name from Lagerfeldt to Lagerfeld. Lagerfeld became a design assistant for Pierre Balmain after studying drawing and history. He has worked for Jean Patou, Les Troyers, Hector Berlioz, Der Schwierige by Hugovan Hofmannsthal at the Salzburg festival. Karl speaks several languages and he has also published books of his art photography. Karl has worked in Fendi, Chloe too. He joined Chanel in 1983 and later launched his eponyms label Karl Lagerfeld in 1984. In 2005, Lagerfeld sold his name brands (Lagerfeld Gallery and Lagerfeld), to Tommy Hilfiger. Though, he maintained full design involvement. In 2010, Lagerfeld designed two footwear lines for Italian Label Hogan.

Karl Lagerfeld’s presence has dominated the realm of fashion industry.

‘I arrived one day and one day I will leave.’

He always regarded himself as an outsider, not really a part of this world. The world believes that he was destined to leave his mark in the fashion world. He won two top honors at the 1954 international wool secretariat that made his fate. Karl never let Coco’s essence die from Chanel-the brand. It always stood for modernity, freethinking, and freedom. Besidies working for Chanel, Lagerfeld was also the creative director of fur and ready to wear at Fendi.

Lagerfeld was an exception. He didn’t stick to one creative stream. He broke all the rules. He always knew how to multitask. He started at a young age and his name came into lights at barely the age of 21, when he won the international wool secretariat in category coat. He shared the award with the name himself Yves Saint Laurent (in dress design). Little did they know, they would become rivals in fashion industry one day. This recognition lead to open the doors for Lagerfeld at Balmain where he designed for stars and much popular films. After that in 1963, he became head of design at Jean Patou and also freelanced for Goby Aghian in 1974. He not only rose from the ashes but also brought the workmen in spotlight while working at Chloe. In 1983, Lagerfeld produced his first couture collection for Chanel and in 1984, and later he launched his own eponyms’ label. In real, Lagerfeld became famous at Chanel. Lagerfeld managed Chanel’s all the initial sartorial strategies and created a unique concept for the brand every now and then. The early status of the brand and its signature clothes was maintained by creating and designing clothes matching the money and status of the high class living in the 80s. Also, it grew with time and became fusion oriented and took their fashion game globally. (The Karl Lagerfeld Diet)- His publication was a manual telling with his struggle of weight loss stories. Karl’s other hobbies and interests were also fascinated by a number of big fashion magazines and designers. His photographs and work was published in a number of Chanel’s fashion advertisements and in fashion magazines. In 2004, Karl also collaborated with H&M and produced a limited edition collection by designers from the high fashion world. One of the most iconic shows of Karl Lagerfeld was at Paris Fashion Week where Karl showcased his final collection. The show was designed as a Tyrole village of Alpine Chalets. The show was opened by Cara Delevigne and for the finale, actor Penelope Cruz, who recently became an ambassador for the brand wore a puffball skirt of chiffon of 1980s.

His great career was marked with a number of multi-talents. He was a gifted sketcher. His drawings used to sell in millions on auctions. Karl was considered to be an avid reader and his book collection was a proof of it. His book collection was so vivid that he opened as small bookshop in Paris and later launched an imprint with Steidl, a German publication in 1999. Karl knew several languages and he had also published books of his art photography. Karl had also received Francis highest honor, commander of the Legion d’ Honneur, in 2015.

Karl built an empire of fashion and made everybody a part of it.

The world will always remember you!

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