Kate Elizabeth Hallam: Loving unconditionally beyond boundaries

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Not just a former English beauty queen and an actress, Kate Elizabeth Hallam is also a loving wife to Lucky Ali and doting mother to their 6-year-old son Dani. In conversation with TLJ, she talks about marriage, motherhood, faith and her love for music and Indian culture.


Kate Eleizabeth haram the lifestyle journalist magazine lucky ali indian singer actress

1) From participating in various competitions to being a former beauty queen, how do you look back at your life?

It has been a great journey. Apart from winning the Miss England title, I also won Face of Aintree Races 2004, which was the biggest and most prestigious competition in the UK for me because I won a brand new Jaguar X-Type Estate car worth Rs 25 lakh. In those days too, you could cash in a lot of money through your style, grace, and elegance.

2)How was the experience of participating in Miss England?

Miss England like various other beauty pageants is a great platform for young girls. I made some wonderful friends and had a great time competing with other contestants.

3) Changing religion is a big decision, how did you reach this decision? What inspired you to convert to Islam?

I am a big believer that religion divides and faith unites. I also don’t like to talk about religion as everyone has a different viewpoint on it. I know what I have in me, and that helps me to live my life, and I know how to use the power of prayer to overcome obstacles if they come my way.


Kate Eleizabeth haram the lifestyle journalist magazine lucky ali indian singer actress

4)What changes did you have to make in your life after converting to Islam?

I have always been myself. I have never changed who I am.

5) Music is an emotion, they say. What significance does music hold in your life?

Music to me is life. It is a universal language, and it is beautiful to be able to communicate your feelings through music. I adore music and cannot live without it. I have a robot in my home that plays me the song I request it to. It is indeed an amazing technology.

6) What is the significance of marriage for you?

Marriage is wonderful, and great marriages are built on teamwork. I also believe that so much more must come before being married, and it includes trust and understanding. Then marriage is the icing on the cake, if and when you choose to do it.

7) A lot of young people tend to look at marriages cynically these days. What do you feel about that?

I think people should do what feels right. Some couples are happy without marriage and some people can’t afford to marry yet and are happy and content with what they have. We should not judge.

Kate Eleizabeth haram the lifestyle journalist magazine lucky ali indian singer actress

8) How has life changed post motherhood?

Being blessed with Dani was just the most wonderful day of my life. He is my darling and the most wonderful human being I have ever come across, and he happens to be my son. I love him unconditionally, and that’s how it should be.

9) What is your fitness mantra?

Well, my friend Dolph Lundgren from the movie Rocky once told me, ‘Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper’, and I thoroughly follow it. I try not to eat after 7 pm.

Also, if I do not have time for the gym, I go for a power walk or do skipping or sit-ups.

10)What do you love the most about Indian culture?

I have always been fascinated by Indian culture. I love the fact that Indians are family-oriented. They truly are the salt of the earth.

11) Are you open to working in Bollywood? If so, what kind of films and roles do you wish to do?

I am an actress, so if the right work comes my way from Bollywood, I would certainly contemplate it. It all depends on the role and the script. It should be something that excites me.

12) Anything else you wish to share your journey as a model or from personal/professional life?

I love being an actress, not knowing where my work will take me. I love to learn about different cultures and I love to travel around the world. It is very hard to pin me down to one place. I am of the view that humans are amazing and constantly adapting, and in their journey to seek what they truly want, they should not get quashed by dogmas of everyday life but take every day as a wonderful opportunity to learn and enhance themselves. It really is a wonderful life and it certainly should be treasured.




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