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Any Town With A Good Script Is The Town I’d Like To Visit: Kavita Kaushik

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She made her first television appearance with serial Kutumb and later went on to feature in Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii. But it was her portrayal of Chandramukhi Chautala, a lady cop with Haryanvi accent, in F.I.R that made Kavita Kaushik a household name and helped her etch a space for herself in the television industry.

Though she tried her luck in Bollywood but only managed getting minor roles. Finally her recently released Punjabi film Vekh Baraatan Challiyan, where she is seen playing the female lead opposite actor Binnu Dhillon, has got her into limelight again.

Kavita Kaushik talks to TLJ about her experience of working in Punjabi film industry and the connect she shares with the audience and more…

What was it like to work in a Punjabi film? Do you look up to someone as your inspiration in the industry?

Kavita Kaushik: Punjabi film industry has delivered some great films with strong content. I am fortunate to have got the opportunity to work with a team of professionals. I was inspired by all of them.

How was it starring opposite Binnu Dhillon? 

Kavita Kaushik: Binnu is a wonderful human being and a veteran artist. It was pleasure to work with him. I did not come across any challenges as he treated me like a queen on the sets.

How is working on a 70 mm screen different from TV screen?

Kavita Kaushik:  The main difference is the reach and impact. Television has more reach but films have more impact, although as Chautala of F.I.R., I’ve been fortunate to achieve both.

Do you miss playing Chandramukhi Chautala, a character that helped you establish your career in television industry?

Kavita Kaushik: Chautala was a larger than life role, a legendary character indeed. I feel very humbled to have been bestowed with a blessing called F.I.R. But at the same time, I look forward to growth and I don’t miss anything that has become past.

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Was going to Mumbai and trying luck in acting always your dream?

Kavita Kaushik: I always wanted to be an actor. Mumbai is my karma-bhoomi where I have taken all sorts of risks to get closer to my passion for acting. As my father was a police officer, I’ve traveled and stayed in different parts of India. That gave me an understanding of different cultures, which has further helped me in portraying different characters from all regions with ease.

You have always charmed viewers with your acting skills. How do you feel?

Kavita Kaushik: I love the fact that my audience shares a connect with me. They know that I can do a variety of roles, and that is what motivates me to do more and more.

You recently tied a knot. Has it in any way added pressure on you?

Kavita Kaushik: I am lucky to have Ronit as my life partner as he helps me work better by sharing my personal responsibilities. With his support I’m ready than ever to do better work.

What is the vital ingredient for any successful relationship?

Kavita Kaushik: Only true relationships last a lifetime. A relationship can only  work when you are honest with your partner.

Do you plan to go back to B-town any time soon?

Kavita Kaushik: B-town or Zee town, any town with a good script is the town I’d like to visit.

The kind of films you wish to do?

Kavita Kaushik: I want to do films that an entire family can sit together and enjoy, basically responsible cinema.

How do you react to trolls on the internet? Do they bother you?

Kavita Kaushik: Internet trolls? What’s that? I don’t bother about such things. Life is too short, why not enjoy it.

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