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Lipstick hacks every woman should know

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One make-up product women cannot do away with is lipstick. In fact, many love to own a huge collection of different shades, textures, and variations like glossy or matte finish. Considering your love for lipstick, we tell you some simple tricks to ensure that your lipstick game is on point all the time!
Here are some lipstick hacks…

Exfoliate Lips
Matte lipstick and even normal lipstick easily settles into a rough patch on your lips. In order to avoid getting that cakey look, exfoliate your lips with a gentle lip scrub before applying lipstick. Lazy girls can also take note of this hack as this activity only requires 30 seconds. In no time, you will have soft lips you always desired.

Apply Lip Balm before Applying Lipstick
Lipstick, especially matte lipstick, can make your lips feel super dry. Apply a lip balm before applying your favorite shade to keep your lips hydrated and glossy.


Do not apply too much of lip balm
Applying a lip balm before applying lipstick is a very good idea but do not overdo it! After applying lip balm wait for at least 10 minutes before you apply a lipstick over it.

Cover Lipstick with Powder
Not literally! Do not directly apply powder on your lips. To make your lipstick stay on your lips all day, pull apart the layers of tissue, place one tissue on your lips and apply translucent powder on top of the tissue. This allows a bit of the powder to come through and sit on your lips.

Reattach Broken Lipstick
Now, there is no need to cry over a broken lipstick. You can reattach it by melting the end of the broken pieces with the help of a lighter and affixing them back. Melt the two pieces where they meet to fuse them back together.

Use Hairspray to Remove Lipstick Marks
Do not worry about the lipstick marks on any of your clothes. Just spray some hairspray on the marks and let it sit for few minutes and then toss it in the washer.

Dab Highlighter to Get Fuller Effect
Bold matte lipstick can make your lips look smaller so this awesome trick will help you counter that effect. Apply a powder highlighter on your lower lip after you have applied your lipstick. The highlighter will add extra volume on your bottom lip, making your lips appear slightly big naturally.

Prime your lips
Many of us have pigmented lips and because of that, the right color does not show on our lips. It is considered a good idea to put a lip primer before applying lipstick. Additionally, a primer also keeps the lipstick from feathering up and makes it lasts longer.

Do not let your lipstick get in touch with your teeth!
One certain rule is not to apply lipstick on teeth! We have a simple trick which you should definitely try. After applying lipstick stick one clear finger in your mouth and clamp your lips around it. After you pull your finger out all the extra lipstick will be on your finger.

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