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Anastasiya is a Belarusian born (India bred!) actor who performs in 7 different languages and is a writer too. Here is a conversation with her…

Describe yourself in three words?
Fantasiser. Mover. Motivator.

What does art mean to you?

Art is an escape from constant chaos and pressure. When it comes to art, you can be anyone you want to be and express anything you want. We share our own unique experineces with the world through our art. It’s extremely therapeutic in a way. I mean, just imagine for a second, what would happen to the world without art? It’s one of the forms of pure love.

How would you describe your Instagram feed?

Life documentation mixed with a lot of portraits, favourite morning rituals, and film and music suggestions.

Please share your journey. How did you start acting?

When I was a little child, I was quite fearless. I remember me and my family was watching some sort of dance-theatre performance, and at one moment I climbed on the stage and started dancing along with a bunch of other actors. I think I was 5. After that my parents knew they had to do something with all that energy in me. So they enrolled me into 3 different dance groups and karate classes. And at school I would host concerts and create plays. Finally, by the age of 12, I became a part of a professional theatre group. We would travel a lot and I would represent Belarus in international performance art contests. Those years were one of the best and most memorable ones. Since then, theatre bug never left me.

How do you keep yourself positive?

For me, how I start my morning, defines the entire course of the day. So, morning is the most important and happy time for me! After I wake up, I make sure I don’t check my phone. I meditate, write in my journal, do yoga and then dance! After that I’m all set up for the day! It’s very rare I get angry or upset. I also believe not to take things so seriously. My mantra is “you are where you need to be right now”. So there is need to worry about anything!

Who is the closest person to you?

My best friend Yulia. I met her in Delhi in 2012. She was that crazy friend who pushed me to move to Mumbai. And we did it together! She knows me like no one else. We’ve gone through all possible things together: mad traveling adventures, getting lost in the forest in Maharashtra, being homeless in Mumbai and sharing a room with the size of a bathroom… She is definitely one of the people I can openly call my family!

What is the idea of a fun day for you?

In a rehearsal room with the people I love along with a freshly made cup of chai.

How would you describe your style?

Casual wear for every day, especially oversized kurtas and jeans. And elegant dresses when I need to go out. Pairing with red lipstick.

A big turn off Arrogance. And when someone is trying to make fun of my accent.

What is your spirit animal? Bluebird.

One superpower you wish to have Travel in time!!! I still have hope it will happen one day.

Who is your favourite author?
Do I need to name only one? Hmmm… let it be Milan Kundera. For now.

And your favorite book?
“Anna Karenina” by Tolstoy

The newest word you added to your vocabulary
Histrionic – overly dramatic or emotional; theatrical.

Your pamper fix
Cappuccino and croissant. Never let me down.

Your guilty indulgence
Anything that has chocolate.

A trait that annoys you the most?
Negative thinking. Can’t be around people like that.

The most adventurous thing you did last year?

Travelled to 4 different countries in Europe in one week to watch plays and dance performances, and in between managed to dance salsa with a very charismatic 60 year old uncle in the old cave bar in Paris, where La La Land was filmed. What a week that was. I’m so nostalgic now!

What is on your perennial to-do list?

Learn tango in Argentina; backpack in New Zealand; learn 5 new languages; get involved in climate change matters.

A millennial you would like to swap lives with for a day?

Greta Thunberg.

How are you spending your days at home amidst corona virus ?

For the first two months I was reading, watching films and meditating. Later I started teaching acting online along with 3 other teachers and that has been going really well! We created a community of artists where we help each other with the feedback for our work; audition notices and having live webinars with industry experts. Also, during the lockdown I started sharing my morning rituals on Instagram and it turned into a workshop as well which helps people waking up in the morning and setting their goals! I’ve been having a lot of fun. Never have I imagined I could be so active online. One thing is posting a photo once in a while, another is engaging with 40-50 people online and keeping them entertained on zoom! But I guess we have to embrace the new normal. Like Lao Tzi said “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them; that only creates sorrow.”

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