“Melons & Lemons” by Chubby Cheeks is here to entertain you!

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Chubby Cheeks (a noted event management firm) are bringing ‘‘Melons & Lemons’’ in the tricity region. This full day event will showcase the best exhibitors around the country to cater to every child’s needs. About 40 brands under one roof will provide products ranging from baby essentials, apparel, accessories, events, return favors, home furniture and accents, toys and much more!


Soumya and Ankita, who are the brainchild behind ‘Chubby Cheeks’ aim to encourage and promote women entrepreneurship by launching such a platform in Chandigarh. 

Interestingly, most exhibitors showcasing children’s products are moms who have turned their passion into a full-time business. They have come up with an interesting series named “Mommypreneurs” in which they feature eminent, celebrated working mothers of the city. This is to honor them for their achievements as well as to encourage others to learn from them (the working mothers).

The event has been brought together in a way that will help parents engage with their child in a fun filled way! 

Chubby Cheeks have planned an array of fun activities like; origami which is a unique Japanese art of paper folding, balloon sculpting, stone painting, pottery, vegetable painting, table styling etc, to inculcate creativity, motor skills and imaginative abilities in children. Children will learn something new and also make memories of a lifetime!

“Chubby Cheeks also helps in brand engagement with the customer directly and builds as well as explores new potential customer base wherein exhibitors will get an opportunity to test new product range or launch new lines in an appropriate surrounding,” say the organizers. 

The captivating name was chosen keeping in mind the nature of events (since they are related to children). Hence, Chubby Cheeks in the first instance strikes the image of a cute baby! The name, “Melons & Lemons” is very gripping owing to the onset of summer and signifying something fun!

Event Date 19th May 2018

Place : Hyatt Regency Chandigarh

Time : 11 PM-8 PM


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