Motiaz: Creating Dreams & Not Just Buildings

Motiaz: Creating Dreams & Not Just Buildings

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Motiaz Developers Pvt Ltd have established themselves as one of the prominent names in the real estate arena of North India. Passionate about incorporating latest innovations and having a knack to provide hi end lifestyle trends to its customers has been a heritage of the group. Motia Group is synonymous with a fabulous blend of quality and aesthetics ensuring utmost customer-satisfaction. Urvi Sharma strikes a conversation with the co-owner of the group, Mr. LC Mittal where he talks about a successful voyage of the group from the very beginning to its stupendous rise. Mr. Mittal also opens up about his current venture Motiaz Workspace.

The Success Journey Of Motiaz

How did it all begin? Would you like to throw some light on the inception of Motia Group?

It was established in 2005, by five entrepreneurs- Pawan Bansal, Kewal Bansal, HR Mittal, Ramesh Mittal and me. A substantial previous experience in this field helped us start up transform into a brand! Today, we deal in all kinds of residential, commercial and institutional properties.

All successful people have their personal mantras of success. What is yours?

I believe in working consistently and having faith in myself. I maintain equilibrium between my work hours and personal life. I wake up early, go for walk regularly, meditate daily. It helps me in staying focused and staying in touch with my roots. I feel it is necessary to stay focused and tension-free to succeed in life.

 motiaz apartments

Motiaz Apartments

Anything big comes with a harsh price and challenges, what are the hurdles that you faced during the initial stage of your business?

I think having a prior rich experience in the real estate business helped all of us to deal with the intricacies of this business. Experience counts! What is your bigger vision for the construction business? We have the innate vision to weave apical standards of personal properties driven by the ‘Life at its best’ ideology to satisfy our customers. What makes our journey unique and more interesting from others is our extensive belief in the latest architectural designs, technology interference, and other trending amenities.

Tell us more about your technological innovations, latest designs, and maintenance of your properties?

We have hired the best and the experienced architects and designers in the realm. We have given topmost priority to maintain spacious, properly ventilated and sunlit homes according to the satisfaction of our customers. There is 0% risk in investing with Motiaz Group! In our Royal Citi, we have introduced the concept of basement parking. The basement parking has enabled us to maintain enthralling green lawns around the society. JLL (a global real-estate services firm) handles the maintenance of all our commercial and residential buildings. We have all kind of top class facilities from gym to conference room to banquet hall to food plaza to sports court to swimming pool.

Please tell us about your current major projects?

We have been working to establish Motiaz Workscape in which we have introduced the unique concept of ‘SOHO’. SOHO stands for Smart Office, Home Office. It is an office-cum-home which you can use as a workplace to work during the day and turn into a home during the night. It comes with a convertible sofa-cum- bed, LED screen, a properly maintained kitchen and an adjoining washroom. It is the design for the future homes, something that is the future of real-estate biz world!

What advice would you like to share with budding entrepreneurs in the construction business?

Patience is the key. Do not jump without having sufficient experience and financial stability!

 Mr LC Mittal, Co-Founder OF Motiaz

Mr. LC Mittal, Co-Owner Of Motiaz Group

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