No More Surprises! Track Your Periods For Good Health

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Fretting again over your body’s reaction around the period days? Uncertain of the date? Suddenly encountering your menstrual cycle can spoil a wonderful day, and depending on permutations inside your body periods can surprise even without a hint! Here are some cool apps to let you know all about your periods. These apps help you track heavy flow, irregular cycles, PMS, cravings, fertility issues, bloating, cramps, nutritional diets and stress! These apps are very handy and give a better idea about the timing of cycle…Try them!



With the help of Clue, you can keep a check on period flow, the products you are using during the cycle, all the mood swings, pain and sex as well. This period tracker app is from the American college of obstetricians and   Gynecologists journal.




                        Period Diary

The PD app, yes the icon says P.D. instead of ‘Period Diary’, in case you don’t want to tell people about the app in your phone. The app also comes with a passcode protection and has 30 PMS Symptoms and 20 moods of periods that you can track. The best feature is that the app syncs with your calendar app and you can see all the information at one combined place.



 Olivia Fertility Period Tracker

The app is a great period tracker app and comes with a number of features. Available for both IOS and android phones, the app is a tracker for the information of periods and gives you a daily fertility score too. So, if you are planning to get pregnant, it uses all your cycle information and helps you with it. On the contrary, if you are not trying to get pregnant or conceive, the app helps you in that too. You can customize the backgrounds, colors of the apps and track your nutrition info also.




The tracking app takes menstrual tracking multiple steps forward with a number of features. The app allows you to track everything related to your cycle, fertility, sex, moods, malnutrition and you can keep notes too. Eve is much more than a mood, sex and period tracker. The app also comes with an interesting feature where women talk freely about sex and share thoughts, tips and empower each other. The community makes ‘Eve’ different from other apps. It also gives sex and birth control information.




The tracking app helps you with all the analysis with which you can detect irregular periods and helps you to conceive also. The app tracks the symptoms well. The app gives you an account of nutrition, physical activity, cramps, tips to ease the pain and provides articles also. The more you use it, the more accurate it gets.

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