Not All Superheros Wear Capes- Happy Father’s Day

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Ravul Jindal and his sons, Adit Jindal and Kush Jindal

Dr. Ravul Jindal, a leading medico in the region, is very close to his sons and feels blessed to have them. “Sometimes I don’t agree with what they say or ask but I try to understand it and then we solve the issues together,” says Dr Ravul. They enjoy every evening together, watch movies, and have at least 2-3 vacations every year. “Some qualities that I want them to inherit from me are, to always remain happy and enjoy every inch of their work”.
Dr Ravul wants his sons to make new friends and be more organized. “As a father I try to spend as much time as possible with them, solve their smallest issues, teach them how to live life and above all how to be a good human being. I feel if I can make them a good human being and if they can learn to see the world with empathy and care, I am successful as a father,” he adds. When asked about one moment he always cherishes the most with his children, he shares, “There are a lot of memories down the lane which I always cherish and it makes my eyes wet by thinking how quickly the time flies.”

Girimer and his children,- Uma, Ram and Zohra, Owner, Casa Bella Vista and The Lama House

Girimer describes himself as a loving and carrying father. He allows his children, Uma, Ram and Zohra, to be as they are. Girimer encourages his children to go out and be themselves. He loves spending time with them. Every moment is special for Girimer when they all are together and they love playing Holi. Girimer says, “I want my children to be open-minded, courageous and adventurous just like me”. He has a very special bond with his children and he loves them immensely. “We do have ups and downs, but then we are all very close to each other. We can talk to each other freely and say whatever we want to without feeling that we will be judged”, he adds. Girimer has a message for his children, “They are very different but special in their own way. I love you with all my heart and hope that you will be what you want to be. Also, be the best you can.”

Sunny Virk and Surinder Pal Singh Virk, Owner, Park Plaza Hotel, Chandigarh

There are a billion things Sunny can say about his bond with his father but to put it in words, he said, ‘whenever I count my blessings, I count him twice’. Sunny’s father went beyond limits to support him and that’s what made him Sunny’s hero. He wishes to be there for his father at every stage of his life. One thing that Sunny admires about his father is the trust and potential he shows in his children. Sunny’s father supported him immensely when he followed his passion at an early age, ignoring all the negative comments from others. His father’s confidence in him not just motivated him, but also made Sunny more responsible. The space Sunny’s father gave him when he was young, allowed him to think more freely and be more confident about his decisions.
“I am lucky to have a father who has faith in me and now after all these years, I would try my best to make him do things that he missed all these years and make sure he travels the world. I will help him focus his health more. I love you dad, we all do.”

Munit Sachdeva and his sons, – Aadit Sachdeva and Ramit Sachdeva, Owner, Halt

“The exact definition can only be given by my sons”, says Munit Sachdeva defining himself as a father. He is giving them the best that he can. Being a father is difficult as it is more of a carrot and stick relationship between them. “It is about maintaining the right balance between the leverage given to them and at the same time ensuring that they do not become spoiled brats”, he adds. For Munit, every moment that he spends with his sons is the best. Travelling, playing or sitting idle with his sons, every moment is precious. The qualities that he want his sons should inherit from him is righteousness and confidence. “They need to know that innocence can be maintained no matter how cruel and mean this world can be”, says Munit. It is difficult to describe the bond that he shares with his sons, he adds, “It varies from being their well wisher, protector, their best friend and at times being their worst enemy. Also, making them give-up their Xbox and phone for their studies, it makes me mean sometimes.”

Suneet Madan and her Dad

Parents do everything under the sun to do the best for their children. Mine had to do much more effort on me. Having undergone numerous surgeries for life-threatening injuries after having had a couple of serious accidents, I am alive and kicking and have that zest for life only because of the way my parents played a balancing role in grooming me. I am immensely grateful to the Almighty for bestowing me with this wonderful pair as my parents. As it is in context with the Father’s Day, the focus lights are on him here for the innumerable things he did for me and which have left an indelible mark on my soul. He is the man behind my poetic outpours, who subtly taught me how to string the words together. He skipped his “me time” to take me out for mandatory physical workouts after his office hours, so that the wasting muscles from prolonged bedrests post surgeries, could be made usable. He has always pushed me to challenge myself mentally and physically to overcome all the obstacles that life continues to pose. My never-say-die attitude germinated from the seeds he sowed and nurtured so well all throughout the tough times. He is the one who taught me to smile and be resilient in the face of any adversity. He is the one who made me believe in myself, in my abilities, in my strengths, and in the beautiful sunrises after each sunset. He is the one who just handed over the keys to the moped and gave verbal instructions on how to start it, and left it to me to learn how to balance and ride it. He made me drive the family car to college as a student, when there were barely enough cars in the city! And if that weren’t enough, he encouraged me to open it up completely and undertake its maintenance and service all by myself. He is the one who taught me to remain humble and grounded even after many recognitions that followed early in life. He is the one I would want as my father in every lifetime, and whom I would like my son to emulate

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