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A country that has maximum youth population, a nation that sends largest number of students to the other countries for education, incidentally it’s also a country that has least awareness about education choices overseas and a country in which most unqualified agents decide the fate of millions of students- yes we are talking of India!

Career counseling is the need of the hour today and it’s a dire need. A single, most important decision will decide the course of your next 70 to 80 years. The skills that you acquire will ensure that you will be gainfully employed and happy for the rest of your life. Indian students are known to seek help for all the subjects but are expected to decide the single most decision which will influence them forever- the right ‘College choice’. There is a ‘best fit university’ for each student in the world and it’s important that each student seeks guidance and help to find out his fiercest passion and attain best skill set to face this world. Students with right knowledge and guidance can be motivated to move mountains and parents will be surprised at the results. Career counseling if done properly and with right mentors will open the reservoir of student true potential. Career should be decided by ‘a clear choice’ and not stumbled upon by chance. The motto is very simple- Plan, Prepare and Execute!

The importance of starting early is extremely important, for instance in grade 8th or 9th but that doesn’t mean that you are late in grade 11th or 12th! To look at it more optimistically, it is never too late for any kind of planning and execution. We start our mentoring early to maximize the time given and to ensure a super smooth journey for the students. We believe that if you counsel the students to empower them with the right knowledge and choice, then the work is done!

Career Planning’ is probably one of the most important aspects in a student’s life. It is also the most confusing and can be a daunting task. We have so much information available on the internet, friends, parents, and teachers that sometime a student can be extremely confused about the options. Here is a quick guide to find out if you are on the right track.

Find your best fit choice of university
Every institution is unique and have a spirit and have an environment which is its trademark. Look for the universities which are your best fit. Look for the alumni, class size, teaching community, research that they undertake. It’s important that you don’t simply go with big names especially at undergraduate studies. It’s important to go for a university which is your best fit and you grow and learn in that specific environment.

Self Awareness
It’s important to know oneself while deciding a career path. If you are in touch with yourself and you have spent enough time listing down your strengths and your weaknesses, it becomes easier for you to identify the right program for the future. If you feel that you are an introvert person and do not want to interact much with people then it’s a bad choice to take a field like hospitality which will eventually take you towards interacting with people. If you are good in mathematics but generally dislike numbers then it’s a good idea to select the programs where Math is needed but is not a main subject for making your career.

It’s very important to continue Math in Grade 11th and 12th . Dropping Math in senior secondary can have an adverse effect on your program choices later on during subject selection of under graduation.

Research about the new Programs and skills
There is every possibility that by the time you graduate the routine jobs will not be available or will disappear. It’s a very good idea to engage yourself in ensuring that you develop some skill sets as you grow in life. Networking, public speaking, IT knowledge are a few skills which will go a very long way to help you adapt with the changing scenarios.

Subject Selection
Subject selection in grade 12th is very crucial for a student. Choose your subject wisely and after careful understanding of yourself. It is important that you take the subjects after careful consideration as grades are important for admission later on. Take subjects in which you can succeed in easily. Do not get pressurized by friends or free advice.

The writer of the article is the oldest career counselor of the city with the experience of over 20 years in India and abroad. She also specializes in getting scholarships for the students!

Punita Vadhera,
Career Counselor
Founder of Edusensei
(Book your appointments at 9815301313, 7087030700)

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