‘Ready Study Go’

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This is a surprise kind of a book review- unconventional and straight from the heart!
I am a science student and preparing for various entrance tests to get into a prestigious life-sciences institute for a doctorate degree. I read about a cool book titled ‘Ready Study Go’ on Facebook and pre-ordered it out of sheer excitement! What turned out to be a life changing point for me later, I received a copy of my book exact one month before the National Eligibility Test (NET), and it was after reading this book that I ‘actually’ got motivated and started preparing!

The Hits!

‘Ready Study Go’ in many ways taught me the real ‘skill’ of learning. The book- in a rather simplistic tone- explains how and why learning should be made both easy and effective at the same time. It deals with cardinal rules of ‘efficient learning’. From good food habits to some basic exercises, from wealth rules to some outstanding focusing techniques- this book is the one-of-a-kind ‘instruction manual’ (if I may call it!) on how to keep my mind and body happy.

Most of us (college and university students) have a bizarre tendency of blaming our teachers or educational mentors and the entire education system for our failures. Seldom do we realize that there is something wrong with our own ‘attitude’ towards learning. This book emphasizes the importance of studying for the ‘knowledge’ and ‘not merely for the marks’. What makes it stand out, that it touches several others aspects too…There are various challenges we face at different points in our lives- problems related to relationships, poor time management, not getting a job or the fear of failure…this book gives just about all the answers and guides you to deal well with them all. The authors have meticulously researched and mentioned facts of effective learning and how the mind ‘absorbs’ knowledge…. It made me introspect (as a student) whether I am actually using my brain while studying or simply reading things! Whether you are a student or a professional- a learner is always in you… And so this book is a must read for everyone!

The Miss!
The only thing that caught my attention was the ‘title’…. perhaps the book could have been renamed something else- which made it sound like a ‘must read youth handbook’ or something! The book touches many more aspects …than education alone…hence ‘study’ in the title narrows down the scope of prospect buyers in one way, who are avid learners and not just ‘students’.
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(Reviewed by Tanya Raj Bajaj from Haryana)

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