Rising like the phoenix! Waluscha De Sousa

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Waluscha De Sousa is half-Portuguese and half-German by descent. She hails from Goa and has lived by the beach all her life! She loves adventures and mountains, anything that connects her to peace and serenity. She has risen like a phoenix above all challenges in life!

At the age of 17, Waluscha did her first TV commercial opposite superstar Shah Rukh Khan and years later in 2016 she played the role of his wife in the movie ‘Fan’. She has been unstoppable ever since! She was an instant hit on the runway in her modeling years and even now.
She is now doing a movie titled ‘Time to Dance’, a dance flick by ace choreographer-turned-filmmaker Remo d’Souza and Stanley D’Costa. The star cast of the movie includes Sooraj Pancholi and Isabella Kaif. On the cover of The Lifestyle Journalist this month, she talks about her childhood, her debut in Bollywood and life choices ….

Who is “Waluscha de Sousa” in real life (beyond the screen)?

I am very simple in my approach to life. I like to keep things as uncomplicated as possible and as real. I believe simplicity in all things is beautiful.

Are you happy and content with your life, personal and professional, at the moment?

I always try and look at the brighter side of things, no matter what I am going through or what adversaries I have to endure. Life is beautiful. So I am always in a content state of mind personally. However I always challenge myself to newer heights and ventures professionally. I believe contentment in your work space is dangerous as it can make you laid back!

Any sweet memory that you fondly remember from your childhood days in Goa?

I was fortunate enough to have grown up in an open space where the fields were our playground and the ocean was our swimming pool and the sand dunes were used as slides. Every Christmas we serenaded from door to door singing Christmas carols. The spirit of Christmas in Goa is magical. We had picnics under the light house and went on long treks during the monsoon.

Were you worried at the thought of entering this (entertainment) industry and making a debut?

No, not at all! I was very excited to finally get an opportunity to do what I always loved to do. Now that I am here, I am focused and eager to learn more each day. Failure is not an option.

How has your professional journey been so far?

I enjoyed my days walking the ramp. It was great energy on the ramp every single time. The thrill for me was incomparable. I always stayed very selective about my work and was fortunate enough to have the luxury to do so. Today facing the camera is thrilling to a whole new level. Being on sets is exciting and I look forward to it every day. I hope to do different kinds of cinema and work with people whom I have admired over the years.

How was it working with King Khan?

Working with Shah Rukh Khan is always a pleasure. An absolute gentleman who is well spoken and very chivalrous, there is a lot to learn from his years of experience.

One habit of Shahrukh Khan that you liked

I have learned through him to give it all you have got and to stay focused on the job at hand. At that moment nothing else should take precedence or be more important. Hard work pays off. I have been lucky enough to have done my first TV commercial at the age of 17 with him and then years later to have done my debut opposite him.

What is your passion? Is acting one of them?

I was always on the school sports grounds or on the stage. I was never found in the class. So acting, dancing and sports were always my passion right from childhood!

What does it take to be a model?

Confidence and a little bit of narcissism in the right proportions are very important. That comes from discipline and a lot of hard work. Healthy eating habits and good sleep patterns are essential to maintain a good physique and glowing skin. A ramp model has to learn to make every garment come alive on ramp and a commercial model needs to work with the cameras closely and make viewers believe in the product she is selling!

How do you maintain your health? Any fitness regime you swear by?

There are unfortunately no shortcuts to this! Working out every day and eating after every two hours is the best recipe. I love playing sports. So I try and get an hour to play tennis or badminton or even dance. That takes care of my cardio and rules out the monotony of a treadmill. I balance that out with strength training with weights for definition and pilates for lengthening and flexibility and core strength.


Tell us about your future projects?

Currently I am shooting in London for my film ‘Time to dance’. It is a pleasure being on sets every day and working with Stanley D’costa and Remo D’Souza. I am most excited to see how this one unfolds.




Your hobbies?

Reading, watching movies! I like learning new things whenever I have the time. Horse riding and ballroom dancing is what I have learnt lately.

What makes you feel alive?

I try and escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life every now and then. Beaches and hills are my go to places. I feel at peace and most happy. Connecting with my roots is important to keep me grounded and focused.

If you were given a chance to change a bad habit of yours, what would you change?

I would try and inculcate some (bad habit)! (laughs) On a rather serious note, I would try and stop over thinking about things. It is exhausting I must confess.

A social cause or message close to your heart?

Educate the girl child. Knowledge is power!

Tell us more about ‘Time to Dance’ and your role in it.

‘Time to Dance’ as the title suggests is a dance film. The forms of dance are ballroom and Latin forms. Without giving away too much, I can tell you that Sooraj, Isabelle and I are dancers. It is a beautiful journey of two sisters and the hardships that they have to overcome and how dance is the answer!



Tell us more about your experience in London (for the movie shoot), what are your favourite places and eating points?

Unfortunately I have not had the time to step out much and let loose as I am shooting. And on the days I am not, I am in the gym. I have a balanced but strict diet which is not exciting at all. However I love to sit by the river at the cafés and restaurants whenever I get the time. The weather is lovely at the moment. London has a lot of parks that I like to go frequently and enjoy the open space.

Any secrets that you have in life and something you would like to share now?

I will just keep them as secrets (laughs!)

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