“Yoga gave me a new birth” says celebrity Yoga trainer Shobhna Juneja

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She is an Advance Yoga teacher with International Shivanand Yog, holds a master’s degree in Yoga and has 7 years of advance teaching experience to her credit. Meet Shobhna Juneja, a slim, fit lady hailing from Panchkula, who has set a benchmark in Yoga training and practice.

What role has yoga played in your life? How has Yoga changed the way you perceive things and life in general?
It may seem as an exaggeration but Yoga gave a rebirth to me! I emerged as a woman who could carry herself with deep inner confidence and self acceptance. Yoga consciousness opened me to realise that how every size, colour and shape (including that of mine) is beautiful. Over the years, I have not become taller with yoga but I have learnt to carry myself with ease and sense of self respect!
I am able to look at things and life with patience and positivity, knowing that nothing can be achieved over night but with continuous dedication, every dream you take can be realised!

What kind of challenges did you face as a yoga instructor?
All that I ever feared in life came true in the form of challenges as a yoga trainer. I was afraid of the idea of a freelance job. I used to wonder how certain people chose to freelance and not go for a fixed salary job. Then as a yoga teacher I had to start as a freelancer where I faced financial insecurities head on. Also, coming from a salaried class family background, I was too afraid to think of myself of as an entrepreneur, until I was pushed into it! The inadequate payments by the employers of fitness studios was such a horrible experience I opened up one of my own!

What is your yoga philosophy?
Happiness! Simple! I go by the quote of my master, Swami Vishnudevananda “Health is Wealth. Peace of mind is happiness. Yoga shows the way.” Your health, wealth, peace and even success are related to your happiness index, you will exert happily for the thing you believe is for your happiness, but if you are already happy from inside (through yoga) then you would magnetise everything towards you!

Which is your all-time favorite yoga asana?
Not one but I have two as my favourites: Headstand (the king of Asanas) and Shoulderstand (the queen of Asanas). I feel both make my health regime complete and I make sure my students also practise them daily with me.

Can you enlighten us on some yoga health benefits?
I respect the system of yoga for the benefits it brings to our inner body. Yoga works on the health of endocrine glands (thyroid, adrenalin, pituitary, reproductive etc ). When we practise yoga, we not just work on the superficial musclular part only but improve the functioning of inner organs. That’s the reason we get optimum weight, glowing skin, good blood circulation, great posture, strong yet supple body with yoga.

Are there some more powerful Yoga asanas or techniques or pranayams compared to the others?
Yes of course, there are certain powerful yoga Asanas, techniques and pranayamas in yoga. Depends on what is the objective of the Practitioner. If one wants to have a strong body, mind and spirit then there exists powerful yoga sequences and pranayamas for the same.

How does Yoga help in weight loss? Any specific asana?
Yoga primarily works on the health of hormonal glands and internal organs. Once the hormones are secreted in body properly and inner organs are working to their optimum level then weight loss will be there, gradual but consistent. I believe shoulderstand which works on thyroid gland really helps!


What is the key to happiness?
Focus and complete dedication is the key to happiness. They say that when a yogi takes on a task, he does it 100% and gives his best, that’s how he is happy and successful.

How are yoga and spiritual elevation connected?
Well, yoga system’s main aim is to help human to connect to his higher self and raise his consciousness while realising his full potential. Yoga derived from the root ‘yuj’ means union, one unites to oneself and finds all the strength and solutions from the spirit within! Close your eyes for two mins before starting any work and you will find that besides your mind, heart and body, even your soul does the work!

International Yoga Day falls in June, your message for the readers?
Yoga has emerged from India, but ironically, we are the ones who are leading other cultures in ignoring our health! Let’s take care of our health and happiness. We don’t need to spend huge amounts on the same, let’s practise yoga!


Photography By Puneet Arora

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