Simi Chahal: The Bambukat Girl

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With her most recent Punjabi flicks Bambukat and Sarvann, actor Simi Chahal (now a Canadian resident!) is all set to charm the audience with a never-seen-before kind of role in the forthcoming movie- Rabb da Radio. She’s gorgeous, talented, a devout lover of donuts and the most striking thing about her is her bright and bubbly personality! Meet her and you would know she has no airs about herself and is adamant on being kind and appreciative towards you. In a candid conversation with Urvi Sharma, she talks about acting, emotions and cinema…

The Journey Of Simi Chahal

Tell us about the real Simi behind the cameras?

Simi Chahal: I am a girl next door who derives her happiness by making people around her happy. I am a firm believer in karma. I believe that you are going to experience whatever kind of energy you send out in the universe, whether positive or negative. I believe in talking things out and not holding grudges against anyone. I prefer to stay back in bed with books than going for clubbing on a Friday night. I just want the world to be a happy and peaceful habitat.

How did you get your first break in Punjabi Film industry?

Simi Chahal: I have worked in a number of music videos. However, there is a very interesting story behind my getting selected for the role of Pakko in my debut movie, Bambukat. It was my ten-seconds Instagram video that caught the eye of the Director and that is how I was offered my role. I was stunned at first and eventually happy about the script. Acting is not only a job for me but my passion, what keeps me going. Acting is about putting “YOU” out there.

Tell us about your upcoming movie, Rabb Da Radio…

Simi Chahal: It is an emotional medley that explores the relationship between bhabhi and nanad. It has many more interesting characters to watch out for. I am sure the audience is going to enjoy every bit of this emotional drama.

Who is your inspiration in your journey?

Simi Chahal: My mother is my inspiration. She has been rock solid support, standing throughout my journey with me. I literally treat my mother like my girlfriend whom I pamper consistently by sending flowers, chocolates and good morning texts. I owe all my good traits to her. She has ingrained two very important life lessons in me- to never lie and to never speak too much. I aspire to be like her. If I can be even a little of what she is, I will consider myself successful in life.

What is the biggest rumour you have heard about yourself?

Simi Chahal: The biggest rumour I have heard about myself is that I am considering to turn into a professional singer.

Tell us about your love for tattoos?

Simi Chahal: I love getting inked but not just for the sake of it. If you are going to get something on your body that is going to stay forever, you better get something you mean from heart. One of my tattoos is for my mother with an infinity symbol depicting my unbounded love for her. And then one signifies my philosophy for life “Nirbhau Nirvair” (Without fear, Without hatred).

How do you think, the role of women characters, have changed in Punjabi Film Industry movie industry in recent years?

Simi Chahal: I think the role of women characters have seen a sea-change after the “Anjgrej” was released. Movies like Nidhi Singh, Ardaas, Love Punjab, Bambukat have portrayed women in primary roles rather than being just props. I think, it depends upon the script as well and script writers like Amberdeep and Jass Grewal are looking very intricately at roles of women and their emotions in their scripts. Actors like Kulraj Randhawa, Sargun Mehta, Sonam Bajwa are doing some extraordinary work in the industry.

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