Staying Fit is Simply Possible : Dr. Padma Srivastava

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Prof Padma, Head of Neurology at AIIMS, New Delhi, has a string of achievements to her credit she enlists some simple, intelligent ways to stay fit!

Five Healthy Lifestyle Choices

1.No smoking
2.No alcohol
3.A body mass index less then 25
4.Daily exercise for 30 minutes
5.A healthy diet score in the top 40% had an 80% reduction of stroke compared with participants who achieved none!

Improve Lifestyle

Rate of cardiovascular mortality in people with stroke over a 10 year period is reduced by 90% on engaging in lifestyle behaviors such as eating sufficient fruits and vegetables, exercising, maintaining a BMI of < 29 Kg/m 2  and not smoking!

Lower Blood Pressure!

GOAL- Maintain a blood pressure level not more than 120/80 mm Hg. How to achieve it?

  1. Reduce salt in your diet. Ideally not more than half a teaspoon per day.
  2. More polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats in the diet and avoid saturated fats.
  3. 4 to 5cups of fruits and vegetables per day; one serving of fish two to three times a week and several daily servings of whole grains and low fat dairy.
  4. Get more exercise – atleast 30 minutes of activity per day.
  5. Quit smoking. Period!

Exercise- Its very important!

GOAL- Exercise at a moderate intensity at least five days a week. How to achieve it?

  1. Take a walk around your neighborhood every day.
  2. Start a fitness club with friends
  3. When you exercise reach a level at which your breathing hard but you can still talk.
  4. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  5. If you don’t have a consecutive 30 minutes to exercise, break it up into 10 or 15 minute sessions a few times a day.

Keep weight under check

GOAL- Ideal BMI 25 or less
How to achieve it?

  1. Try to eat no more than 1500 t 2000 calories per day.
  2. Increase the amount of exercise you do like walking, playing, or making activity a part of every single day.

Dr. Padma Srivastava
Professor, Head, Department of Neurology
Chief, Neurosciences Center
AIIMS, New Delhi
Hon, Professor, UCLAN, UK.

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