Sumaya Hazarika- Rocking the Ramp

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Sumaya has conviction and candour. One of the most recognized faces of national and international modeling arena, Sumaya has transformed from young ingénues into a polished women and successful model.

What made you turn to modelling? Walk us through your initial days in the industry?
There was an incident when all of my friends ditched me for mood indigo (IIT Bombay fest). I still decided to attend the fest alone only to get randomly scouted by Anima creatives, while strolling around the campus. At first my reaction to it was a big laugh as I never saw that spark in myself that models possess and now here I am.
In the beginning, I used to get very camera conscious. I actually remember this one shoot where the photographer asked everybody to leave the studio just to make me more comfortable and less conscious. With time I became better, still got so much to learn. I realised that it is never the spark or anything else that makes a model special but the natural attitude we are born with, the glam part adds up later.

How would you sum up your journey?
I have had my share of ups and downs at work. Rejections are never going to be easy to deal with but it has only taught me to do better and give my best, regardless of the outcome. That’s just all that matters!

What is the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?
A face roller. Its benefits are amazing. I was told about the wonders of a face roller by a senior makeup artist at a shoot in London and since then I haven’t stopped using it.

What did you want to be while growing up?
Ever since, I was a kid I wanted to join defence. The discipline, dedication and their lifestyle just seemed like my kind. I have been preparing to crack this army entrance for the past two years but clearly haven’t succeeded. But we never know what life has in store for us. Absolutely no regrets!

What, for you, is the best thing about your profession?
I think the best thing is the level of creativity that I am challenged to keep up with, at every shoot. It’s so exciting! Understanding the mood board and bringing out the vibe of the clothes or the prop through your expressions and connecting with the camera at the same time. I may sound like I am over thinking about this but I do believe that modelling needs us to be way more than just a pretty face.

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
I don’t really have anyone in my mind like that. I do believe in keeping my morals intact and that way there are a lot of people who have it unmoved. I am influenced by all of them every day but no one in particular.

Is there a beauty tip that you follow religiously?
Toners for sure and sweating in the gym or while playing a game, makes my skin happy I feel.

What made modelling a significant part of your life?
For a long time, I didn’t think I had it in me to go on as a model considering the rough patches that every model goes through but since the time I realized and understood the routes better, I have been better.

If you had to describe your journey in one sentence, what would that be?
Bumpy roads are necessary to feel the bones.

What, qualities, according to you are necessary to sustain in modeling world?
Politeness, patience and professionalism.

What are the stereotypes about Indians that you’d like to change?
Racism and sexism are the top most traits that needs to change I guess, for humans in general and Indians especially.

What is your greatest indulgence?
I am a practitioner of a Buddhist meditation practice called Falun dafa for the past couple of years. I have found my spiritual path that was long coming. I am really grateful to Mark and Gunita ( Directors of Anima creatives) for introducing me to it. A practice based on three qualities of the universe: truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. It is so brutal that such a harmless and pure practice like Falun dafa is being persecuted in China and millions of innocent practitioners being killed mercilessly. Humanity owes to it to put an end to such an injustice.

Do you have a signature style?
Being Proper. Whether its street style or formal or anything high fashion, it needs to be Proper! Messy can be proper too.

A fashion trend you are currently obsessed with?
I am very much into bomber jackets and kitten heels, anything in metallic. I find colourful or printed stalkings very cute too!

An overused hashtag you’d never use

What trait annoys you the most?

What is your next holiday destination?

Your favourite scent
Calvin Klein eternity women

Your spirit animal
An owl.

A turn off
Bad breath.

A perfect date
That starts with a good cup of coffee.

Favorite holiday destination
Can’t say yet. Egypt would be amazing though.

Favorite movie
300, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings

Favorite book
Chicken soup for teenage soul

Your comfort food
A burger anytime of the day

The most adventurous thing you did last year
Went out with a guy.

A fashion item you would never wear
Denims with floral prints on it.

Your pamper fix

Quick step out ritual
Sunscreen, Brush eyebrows, Chapstick.

What makes you feel alive?

Your biggest splurge
Formal pants (don’t know why)

One superpower you wish to have

One celebrity you would like to go on a date with
Channing Tatum, Cillian murphy, Jake Gyllenhaal (20 years back)

A millennial you would like to swap life with for a day?
Greta Thunberg

The newest word added to your dictionary?
Cantognake. Googled this term under the table while having coffee with this friend who had it tattooed on his arm. Loved the meaning.

A word that makes you cringe when you hear it?
‘…yo!’ , “y’all”

What is on your Netflix queue?
Peaky Blinders ( new episodes)

Favourite online store?
Amazon (comparing purposes)

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