Settle Subtle- Siddhi & Varun Portraits of Fashion

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Don’t become a clone or get lost in keeping up with trends.

Settle Subtle

How did the idea of creating a blog come about?

There wasn’t a Eureka moment as such ever. I was an actor before so I had a small fair following on Instagram hence lot of my friends including Varun suggested me to do this. But since there were so many already, I thought it will be nice to do it with Varun since that will be something different. We started it as a past time while we were studying and then when it got appreciated and perceived well, we began to work on it full time and monetise it.

Share some styling tips.

Siddhi -I always like the apt combination of minimalism and maximalism. You will see me wear an extremely basic outfit and go over the top with my jewellery or shoes. Or then you will see me wear a bright orange dress with basic black pumps. I always like to mix it up and play experimental yet Subtle.
Varun– One can go as crazy or as classic as they want, as long as they are comfortable in it. You are what you wear, so be confident!

Have you ever thought of working as a model?

Well, Varun is a professional model. As of for me, I dropped this dream when I was in my 7th grade ever since I stopped gaining more height.

What is your alternate career option?

Siddhi– I have so many and the crazy part is that I want to do it all! But something that is on top of my head is Interior Designing and Creative Direction (which I have been working on lately).
Varun– Trying my luck with modelling for now, have a few business ideas for later though!

Describe your style

Siddhi– My style is best described as granny chic or street style. I love my clothes to be gender fluid, oversized, vintage and classy . I love stuff that is anti-fit, more liberating and free spirited, it aligns with what I stand for. My daily style is minimalistic with one statement item, be it chunky jewellery or a colour pop on my shoe. I cannot dress in a head to toe basic attire, so I always layer or stack a lot of jewellery!
Varun– I like to pick the most experimental piece of clothing I see and I try to style it down to a classy look. Keeping it quirky yet classic.

What is the main difference between Indian and international fashion?

I think the main difference is diversity! Indian fashion is very close to its roots and culture so it’ll always be for what the community demands! Whereas International fashion is more individualistic, more experimental, more self-expression and more diverse in their fashion choices.

In your opinion, can an outfit (look) influence the opinion of one person over another?

Not sure if it can influence an opinion, but outfits of a person definitely leave a huge impact since that’s your first impression. It’s like an unspoken introduction.

You are a benchmark of fashion for many men/women in the world. How does it feel?

Well, reading the question itself makes us pinch ourselves for a second! It is all very overwhelming, there is an extremely long way to go but so grateful of where all we have been.

Who is your inspiration and why?

We both derive most of our inspiration from the environment around us. The people, the culture, and the lifestyle. We realized this when we started travelling to places all over the world and how both of us just keep noticing what people are wearing and doing. Every action or doing has a personality, which can be pretty inspiring.

How do you deal with pressure and negative trolls?

We usually ignore them but if something has to be said we don’t think twice before expressing ourselves. Because negative comments most of the times are out of context and are baseless so it’s only valid for you to stand up for yourself if required in a very stern yet graceful manner.

Which spring-summer 2019 trend are you eager to wear?

Siddhi– Squared toe heels!
Varun– The Neon trend

What’s the best fashion advice you’ve received so far?

Siddhi– Never fear experimenting. You cannot go wrong with anything if you are confident to pull it off.
Varun– Wear it and own it!

What do you splurge on?

Siddhi– Coffee
Varun– Accessories majorly! Shoes, belts, watches, sunglasses, menswear jewellery, etc.

What do you think is the most recent notable trend to appear/reappear, and what are your thoughts on it?

Siddhi– I think dramatic sleeves are quite in and I absolutely love them. I love how basic white shirts are not longer basic.
Varun– Neck pouches and Fannies

What is your next “must have” purchase?

Siddhi– I would rather always spend my money on traveling than buying a particular thing.
Varun– A place in Bandra maybe!

What is the best and the most annoying thing you find about each other?

Best: He is a great listener, extremely calm and patient and makes the best coffees for me.
Annoying: He is very opinionated and contradictory aggressively.
Best: I think Siddhi is very specific with what she wants and that’s what makes it easy for us to work together.
Worst: I wouldn’t say worst because I think it’s a lovely quality to have, but she does get too emotionally attached to her work which sometimes can hit back negatively.

Do you take each other’s fashion advice?

All the time

Your favourite Indian blogger

Bruised Passports

The Quirkiest thing you have done in your life

Been on a naked beach.

Things you cannot live without

Siddhi– Coffee and cafes, Friends (both humans and TV show), traveling and earphones.
Varun– Food, water, clothing and shelter!

One happy memory you can never forget

Our first international travel collaboration with the Tourism of France and we got to cover and show Paris in our style. That was surreal.

Your favourite holiday destination

Siddhi– Spain or Goa (all time favourite)
Varun– Spain I guess!

Your guilty pleasure

Siddhi– Mac and Cheese
Varun– The biggest buffet, because when I need it, I need it all

Brands you love the most

Siddhi– Zara (obviously) and (among luxury brands) Balenciaga
Varun– Zara, Pull&Bear, Salvatore Ferragamo and many more.

Favourite City

Siddhi – London
Varun– Confused between Barcelona and NewYork City

Favourite Fashion Designer

Siddhi – Raf Simmons and Vivienne Westwood
Varun– Tom Ford

Favourite Restaurant

Siddhi– Currently Soho House or Homemade Cafe.
Varun– I always enjoy being at The Kitchen Garden & The Homemade Cafe. It’s a chill vibe!

Fashion Icon

Siddhi– I have too many but on top of my mind right now it would be Vivienne Westwood.
Varun– David Beckham

Most recent purchase

Siddhi– I bought my first ever Gucci. They are a pair of black sliders and I still haven’t been able to get them out of the box.
Varun– Shopped a lovely duffle from Coach at my last trip. It’s my current favourite.

What would you suggest to someone seeking fashion advice?

Don’t try to impersonate someone else’s style. There is a thin line between inspiration and copying, you can always look for ideas and suggestions but always have your personality as your main highlight through your style. Don’t become a clone or get lost in keeping up with trends.

What, according to you, is the future of blogging in India?

It is a very blank slate right now. It emerged and saturated at the same time so you never know what it could turn into. It could be a fad that disappears after a while or it could become a storm which it is already becoming. But it’s here to stay and rule for at least the next two/ three years.

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