The Bachelor Pads of Today

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Gone are the days when you could keep your place messed up and untidy like a dorm room or frat house. The modern day bachelor needs to take care of his/her pad as much as he/she takes care of themselves or atleast this is what another bachelor Bhagat Singh Mattewal goes on to tell us…

This is where half the magic happens .This is the very place where your gang would sit down and have great time together. This is where all the plans are made (even the ones that never happen), this is where you will put your drunk bestfriend to sleep and this is just the place where things might heat during the so-called Netflix and chill XD (If you know what I mean). Also, you need a good arrangement if you do not want to have a party at your place that ends in your friends’ pledging not to attend your parties. Therefore, it is advisable you to invest in an exquisite, comfortable couch and an adjacent seating space.
Make sure you do not go with the official faux-pas of all Faux pas, the couch your dad wished to have in his times, ‘The Leather Couch’. As hard as it is to maintain one, It is makes you feel hot and squeaks every time you move even the millionth part of an inch. To avoid being uncomfortable and making your guests uncomfortable, skip the idea of a leather couch .
No matter what type of couch you decide upon, make sure it is comfortable, easy to manage, quirky and fits the overall mood of your pad. And even though the rust coloured velvet couch from central perk would seem like a tempting option, but it is not always a viable option.

Walls have ears but do you know they speak as well? Yes, they do speak and speak out loud. I say they speak of you and how you decorate them is what words they choose to describe you with. So go ahead and adorn them with the choicest of paintings, clocks and artpieces. But beware you quirky ones, do not overdo the quirky bit but just add a dash of fun and quirky stuff alongside an elegant or antique piece for the perfect look.

A bar is something that a bachelor pad must have regardless of your views on alcohol. A bar is not necessarily for those who drink. Because it is not about what you drink at the bar but what you have at your bar that is important. A good Bar must look elegant as it is a major eye catcher to everyone who visits your pad. The glassware on the Bar is also something to be taken care of along with whisky tumblers, beer mugs, shot, champagne and wine glasses are bare minimum for any Bar. Come on, we have evolved from being cavemen long ago.
The first and foremost rule: Take the TV out of your room and place it near the couch. It is not meant to be there. Secondly, invest in a bigger screen as it is will last for many years and will always be useful when you have you gang coming over for that important cricket/soccer game. The TV is not enough though now-a-days, you need a good sound system to go along just so that you can really enhance the TV viewing experience. And what is a bachelor pad without a gaming console? Answer that question with your PS4 or XBOX while you are enjoying a nice game of COD with your friends on a lazy weekend. Also, if you can spare just a little more, invest in a music streaming device which will stream music right off your phone. Cool, huh?

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