The Queen of Fashion & Style Blogger & A Colossal Influencer: Diipa Khosla

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Diipa Khosla, this name is synonymous to ‘a Greek Goddess for fashion lovers and bloggers’. For all others, well….the name doesn’t need an introduction at all! This India-born fashion influencer has charmed the audience and social media followers with excellent, narrative content on fashion, beauty, travel- all of lifestyle! Incidentally, Diipa was the first Indian social media influencer to walk the carpet at Cannes Film Festival.

With a million followers on Instagram, whatever she does- she sets a fashion statement. Here is a candid conversation with the blogging queen and a beautiful human being.

Who is Diipa Khosla in real life?

I am a family, friends and fun loving person, who is knowledge hungry and ambitious. I adore humanity and I am drawn to positive vibes only.

What inspired you to start your blog?

When I noticed so many western influencers doing it, I thought, ‘Hey I can do it too’! We need an Indian representing us on a global level as well.

What does being an influencer mean to you?

It means being a role model on all aspects of life. I only share things on my platform that I think would benefit humanity and the people that follow me.

How has your life changed after marriage?

It hasn’t really changed much. Perhaps the only thing that has changed is I feel like a grown up. Maybe when we have children things will change a lot more.

How did you plan your big destination wedding?

It took us 1 year to plan the wedding. We had local wedding planners, a team of decorators and team of people on my end working on the collaborations. It was the hardest event I have ever organized in my life but all was worth. What’s a normal day like for you when you are not travelling or working? I wake up around 7am, meditate, journal and then go for a run in the park with my husband. Then I would get ready for work. Probably shoot some content, work on emails, have team meetings and then hit the gym in the evening, cook a yummy dinner, do some reading (some useful books) and then head to bed around midnight.

What sets your blog apart?

I share a lot of personal life and my vulnerabilities. I think most influencers only choose to share fashion or beauty while I also want to inspire and connect with people on my personal life.

You looked incredible at Cannes Film Festival. How was the experience?

It was such a proud moment to be the first Indian Influencer ever to walk at Cannes Film Festival. That moment I felt like I have ‘really’ made it. There was no looking back from then. I actually remember enjoying the moment so much and even posed well for the camera men. I felt so relaxed in that moment!

What fashion trends do you love at the moment?

90’s comeback. Everything about the 90’s.

Who are your top style icons?

Amal Clooney

Who are your favorite fellow influencers?

Internationally I love Camila, Karen, Chiara. In India I love Dolly, Kusha, Malvika, Sherry and Juhi.

What would you count as your biggest achievement so far?

Speaking at the House of Commons, Cannes Film Festival, 8 Magazine Covers, Being on the Billboard of Piccadilly Circus.

On the lighter side, what are the perks of being in the industry?

I get to see the world! Also that I have not bought any fashion or beauty merchandise in last 4 years!

Three achievements you’d like to tell your grandkids about

Cannes, Tedx talk and probably all the covers.

Has there been a defining moment in your career, when you felt you had arrived?

When I walked Cannes (Film Festival).

How do you view love?

Everything starts and ends with love. It truly is the most important thing in the world. But it starts from ‘Self Love’.

A habit of your husband (Oleg) you love and one you hate?

Love: He is very caring
Hate: He leaves his shoes all over the house !

What’s your advice for those starting their journey as a blogger?
Be true, be authentic and find something unique to show. Once you follow this, you will surely reach where you want to.

Favourite Fashion Designer


Favourite Makeup Artist

Nikki Makeup


Joggers and a crop top

What is your latest obsession?


Most treasured item on your wardrobe?

My Dior bag

A cause that you feel strongly about

Women’s rights

What is your favourite memory as a child?

Roadtrips with the family.

What do you love most about yourself?

I am a very ‘self-aware’ person. I appreciate the fact that ‘I am not afraid to change and grow’ into the best version of myself.

Your makeup routine?

Very no-makeup makeup.

Favorite scent?

Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt

Who is on your speed dial?


Favourite food


Who is your spirit animal?

My dog Kubii haha

Favourite Holiday Destination

South Africa and Thailand

The first thing you bought with your own paycheck

Bought a nice bag for my mother!

A hashtag to describe your current state of mind?


An overused hashtag you’d never use?

ootd (haha) !

A millennial you’d like to swap life for a day?

No one. I am super happy with my own journey.

What’s on your Netflix queue?

The Wire

What is on your perennial to do list?

Clean my closet !

A quirk that makes you secretly judge a person?

Hair with funky colours!

What’s the most adventurous thing you did last year?

Climbed Patagonia

At Home & Locked Down!

Amidst the corona virus outbreak, how do you suggest people to keep themselves engaged all day in their homes?

Work out, Learn something you have always wanted to, Meditate, call friends and family you haven’t in a while, catch up on sleep and breathe.

How are you dealing with the situation? What do you do all day to keep yourself busy?

I actually have a very busy schedule. So my Monday to Friday is like a normal work week. I do create a lot more content for my audience so that is always fun.

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