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It has been more than a decade fashion bloggers started emerging and now in the digital era, it is a phenomenon. People are crazy about fashion & lifestyle bloggers. Now, fashion bloggers are being accepted as a part of the fashion industry, they are being valued and heard.

A lot of fashion bloggers are seen in front rows of major fashion shows, landing prominent campaigns, starring on magazine covers, and some of them have started their own business lines.

The reason behind this is that people listen to them, whatever these bloggers promote on their social media accounts (having a lot of followers) gets noticed and people go out of their way to try out their recommended products.

Chiara Ferragni

She is the biggest fashion influencer on Instagram at present with more than 11 million followers and a website that is enormously famous in the USA and her native place.

chiara ferragni fashion lifestyle blogger instagram the lifestyle journalist magazine
Latest image of Chiara Ferragni

These days she is making a lot of money through her growing shoe line, Chiara Ferragni Collection, which is sold at 300 retailers around the world and brought her 10 million in 2015. She has her own store in Milan and sold her products through e-store,  She has also appeared in more than 25 magazine covers including Vogue Espana as well.

Aimme Song, @songofstyle

One of the first bloggers to rise to the level of celebrity is 29 -year-old, Aimme Song. She has a strong following of more than 4 million.

aimme song instagram afshion and lifestyle blogger the lifestyle journalist magazine'

She has a strong YouTube page, a popular Pinterest page and a website having rock solid traffic. She also has a small jewelry and apparel lines.

Julie Sarinana, @sincerelyjules

Earlier, Julie had only 1 million followers but now she has more than 4 million Instagram followers. She started her blog in 2009, as well as a popular Pinterest page.

Kristina Bazan

kristina bazan the lifestyle journalist magazine instagram

With more than 2 million subscribers on Instagram, Kristina Bazan is one of the most famous fashion bloggers and with this, she has also named brand ambassador of L’Oreal Paris.  She’s also beloved by high-end brands like Dior, Balmain, Louis Vuitton and Valentino.

Julia Engel, @GalMeetsGlam 

San Francisco Julia Engel, 23, launched her blog in 2011 as a junior in college and turned this job into a full-time business in late 2013.

Julia engel Instagram fashion blogger the lifestyle journlaist magazine
Image is taken from Instagram

And now she has more than 1 million Instagram followers and is one top fashion bloggers present there. Her feminine look has garnered a lot of praise and this is one of the main reason behind her huge following.

Wendy Nguyen, @wendyslookbook

With followers more than a million, a sizable Pinterest fanbase, and the most famous Youtube channel of any blogger on this list.

wendy the lifestyle journlaist magazine

Her video named, “25 ways to tie a scarf”, the video has been viewed more than 41 million times on YouTube which is a lot!

All of the above ladies are the most influential fashion bloggers in the whole world, there are more fashion bloggers on Instagram whom have fewer followers than these fashionistas but are popular than the average person.

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