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We bring a special write-up, by model-actor Parul Gulati of ‘Zorawar’ movie and Prisoners of War serial fame, during her travel expedition to rare, undiscovered places on the planet….  


I love the idea of taking a flight to some place I have never been to and experiencing the flavors and culture of that city or country! I feel it is just about making that choice- either you want to spend your whole life in your comfort zone or go all out and see this beautiful world created by God!


Life is too small and world is very big. I do not want to have any regrets when I am on my death bed thinking I have not visited this country or tasted the famous delicacy of this place or never saw a live opera in Europe or did not walk in the middle of Sahara desert looking for water….I therefore do not like to waste any time….whenever I have some time I love to pack my bags and just jet off! I love doing adventurous activities each time I am in a country which is known for it…for instance the last time I was in Dubai I did skydiving, in Srilanka I did Scuba diving, and this time in Phi Phi Islands in Thailand, I did snorkeling in crystal clear water and visited Elephant Family Farm, got a temporary tattoo done and did these crazy afro side braids… And had the pleasure of sharing my Thailand trip with my mother and brother….!


My best journey so far, was during the beginning of this year to see ‘Northern Light’ also called ‘Aurora Borealis’ in Tromso, Norway. It is as far as one can go near the northern pole and witness the magic in the sky this is the proudest and happiest moment in my travel diary!

Travel is never about money. It is about courage… so go out and conquer the world …this is the only experience that makes you richer each time you visit a new place!


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