Viral News of 2021

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Bachpan Ka Pyar: A young boy reciting ‘bachpan ka pyar’ went so viral among the netizens that even Indian Rapper Badshah got engaged in the lyrics. Sahdev Sang was also felicitated by Chhattisgarh CM.

“Ye hum hain, ye humari car hai, or ye hmari pawri ho rahi hai”: In early February 2021 this video of a Pakistani girl (who went on a trip with her friends) got so viral that every second digital creator used the audio in their reels!

End of a star: Siddharth Shukla left his fans and family in deep sorrow. The unexpected demise was a big shock for the whole country. His death effected his fiancée and actor Shehnaz  Gill, the most.

Rajasthan bride asks for construction of girls’ hostel– In a bid to promote girl child education, a bride in Rajasthan requested that the amount set aside for her dowry be used for the construction of a girls’ hostel instead. Anjali Kanwar, the daughter of Kishore Singh Kanod in Barmer city, married Praveen Singh on November 21. According to a report published in a newspaper, Anjali approached her father before the wedding and told him that the money set aside for her dowry should instead go towards the construction of a girls’ hostel. Kishore Singh Kanod agreed and donated ₹ 75 lakh for the construction, as per his daughter’s wishes.

London job seeker: A 24-year-old man from London managed to find a job within days after setting up his own pop-up stand at a train station. Haider Malik had been unsuccessfully looking for a job since the beginning of the pandemic, despite holding a first-class degree in banking and finance from Middlesex University. It happened within 3 hours of this stint!

Billionaires in space: In mid 2021, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson, Amazon and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos  the  billionaires went into space proving that not only astronauts can drive to the black sky but a normal man with a lot of money can too.

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