“We all have souls of different ages” F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Age Is Just A Number


Age is just a number, they say! Too much age gap between partners is thought to be a taboo in our society. But the heart doesn’t understand logic, rules the least! So here is a checklist…not to tame your desires of getting along with a partner with considerable age gap…but to check your practical viability of surviving together!


Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas : Priyanka Chopra, 36, and Nick Jonas, 25, has 11 – year age difference. The lovely couple is engaged now. He even reportedly closed down a whole Tiffany & Co. store so he could choose the ring.


Check the Maturity Level

One must be with a person who is ‘mature’ enough to live with. The person may or may not of the same age group. If one manages to find a person who is mature enough and understands one’s needs well, 10 years older or younger really doesn’t matter!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds : Ryan, 41, and Lively, 30, have 11 years of age gap. They got married in 2012. The beautiful couple met during the shoot of ‘Green Lantern’. The two have a daughter James and Ines.


Break the Norms

Breaking the norms is fine. Atleast for the right person! Society has its own measures of judging but ultimately choosing a partner is a personal decision. So the perfect age gap may not always be found, the perfect person can still be! One must look for a new perspective in his or her partner. Over calculations and over analysing is not a great idea. There are many other things and qualities to consider in a partner other than age.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Nikki, 29 and Ian, 38, are dating each other since 2014. They got married in April in 2015. The couple has a daughter named Bodhi Soleil, born in July last year.


It’s All About- ‘The Union of Hearts & Minds’

People often blow hot and cold over age gap of the partners. Infact it should be a non-issue! One must look for common likes, values, beliefs, trust and intimacy. When mind and heart works together to form a relationship of love and care, the most beautiful magic happens. Factors like age should be of little concern and one must not let it be a barrier at all!

Amal clooney and George Clooney ; Amal and George have 17 years of age difference. George, 56 met Amal, 40, at a dinner party in 2013. They got married in Italy in 2014.


Love is Ageless

Love is magical. When two people fall in love they must aim at living the moments they always wanted to and relish each other’s presence. Love is ageless (by definition!). It can happen to anyone, at any age and with anyone. Since it is our very existence, it can arise for anyone; the roles may be different though.Transparency and honesty are
more important in a relationship than gap!

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi : DeGeneres, 60, and Portia, 45, tied the knot in 2008. There’s 15 years age gap between them.


Choose the Right Partner

One must look at choosing someone who brings new adventures and tremendous growth into one’s life. Dating somebody who is of different age brings a lot of fun along! One will never feel bored with such a partner. One gets to learn new things in each other’s company. If one looks at it more positively, the age difference makes one live all the experiences which one missed or would have in future!

Shahid kapoor and Mira Rajput : Shahid and Mira opted for an arranged marriage. Shahid, 35, and Mira, 21, have a whopping 14 years age gap.































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