The D-Day Makeup

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It’s your wedding and you want nothing short of perfection in everything. With all your long-awaited hopes, dreams and fantasies coming to life, you have a task of getting all the important things done on time without flaws. The dress, shoes, jewellery, trousseau and makeup, everything is important to make your ‘D-day’ exemplary. You can figure out what to wear and how to match the shoes and jewellery, a lot of people are there to help you with these things. But, when it comes to makeup, which is to be done on that very day, brides can feel their heart coming out if the makeup is not on point. Here we have a few tips from experts, which will help you look nothing but just beautiful.

Determine Your Skin Type

The most important thing that you should know prior to your wedding day is your skin type. If you really do not know about your skin type, here is something you can do to test your skin type. Ask yourself a question, ‘How your skin feels when you wash it, is it oily, dry or normal?’ If the skin loses the moisture and you feel like scratching your face, your skin is dry. If your face starts glowing and you feel oil?? when you touch your skin, your skin is oily. If you do not feel anything, your skin is normal. It is possible that your skin can be a mix of all types, like, you feel dry on the lip area and oily on the nose area. Sometimes, some areas of the face gets oily or dry not just after you wash your face (in the afternoon or later in the evening), this means that your skin gets oily or dry after some time. Also, if you already know your skin type, test it once again because, skin types keep on changing with changing your routine, diet and weather

Skin Care Routine

Before you start your day, remember to follow the skincare routine. You need to clean your face right before you go to bed and after you wake up in the morning. Follow these steps two months before your wedding day. Cleansing: After you know your skin type, get a cleanser that suits your type.  Apply it on your face using cotton and remove all the makeup, dust or dirt. Exfoliation: This step is important for keeping your skin radiant, smooth and healthy. Do not use products which are hard and harsh on your skin. Doing this twice or once a week is enough. Toning: Toner removes any dirt or dust left behind and also helps to retain the natural moisture and oils in your skin. If you feel good after using the toner you should use it daily. Moisturizing: The skin care regime is not complete without applying moisturizer. This will prevent dryness, keeping the skin soft, supple and healthy. Also, remember to hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water.

Meet Your Makeup Artist

Building a relationship full of trust with your makeup artist is the most
important thing for the brides. Do not mess with your personality. The
makeup is to enhance your beauty and not to change you.”

Kaydee, Owner, Kaydee Makeup

A very less known fact but an important one! Brides should meet their makeup artist two weeks before their wedding. They should tell their makeup artists about the outfit they will be wearing. Tell him or her about the things you want to hide or highlight, the type of makeup you want, how you want to drape the dupatta, and colour preferences. Also, tell him or her about the things you use on your face already.

Makeup Products

This day is very important for you, do not experiment with new things on your skin. Use the products which you are already using and never skip the pre and post steps of makeup.

Raisy Chadha, Owner, IRIS

The makeup products you are going to use, should be branded and according to your skin type. If you do not know what is best for you, consider taking a patch test. You will get to know about the things that suit your skin.

The D- Day

The day is here and all you have to do is trust your makeup artist.Exhale all the bad thoughts and inhale all the good things. The way you think, affects the way you will look.

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