Winning hearts in Pollywood – Tania

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With her beauty, talent and hardwork, Tania is wowing Pollywood mandarins. Tania is best known for her performance in Qismat and Guddiyan Patole. She is minted with special poise and charm and has become showtown’s latest sweetheart.

What made you turn to showbiz?
Living different characters inspires me the most about films but other than that the platform is quite bigger. I get infinite options to work with talented people.

You debuted in acting with Qismat? Why did you choose to do so?
The first movie I did was ‘Son of Manjeet Singh’ before Qismat, but Qismat got released first and proved to be my debut movie. The story line of the movie appealed me a lot. I was in the final term of my post graduation when I sent my auditions on phone for the role. It got finalized and then “Qismat” happened.

Have you learnt acting? What made you choose acting in your career?
I did theatres for more than 4 years. The more I got involved in acting, the more interest I developed for it and the more rush I felt to do it. So, I decided to take it to another level, and I believe I am blessed that people showered me with so much love.

How do you prepare yourself for a character?
I read script and try to put myself in the character’s shoes first. I try to relate to the character’s life. I change my look to match the character, doesn’t matter what it takes. From Son of Manjit Singh to Rab Da Radio 2, all the characters I have played were different from one another.

What is that one advice you’ll always remember about surviving in the industry?
One cannot lie to camera. If you are working hard, it will definitely come out and if you are just passing time, it will show.

Tell us about a role you enjoyed working on the most.
I enjoyed playing Nicole in ‘Guddiyan Patole’ the most. I had a lot of fun offscreen with my co-actors on the set.

What, according to you, is the best thing about acting?
The best thing about acting is you get to live different lives; you learn to have full control on your emotions and body language, which I feel makes you a diligent human.

Is there any role which you’d give up anything to play?
There are so many roles I would like to play. When I joined the industry, nothing was served to me on a silver plate. I have earned everything on my own. So, any role for me big or small is very special to me. I would give up anything whatever the role demands; from my looks to my accent whatever it takes!

A co-star in your wish list?
Varun Dhawan. I wish to work with him.

Which directors you’d like to work with?
I am blessed that my debut film ‘Qismat’ was directed by Jagdeep Sidhu – one of the most acclaimed film-makers. My dream is to work with Sanjay Leela Bhansali one day. And, I will work hard to fulfill this dream.

Please tell us about your upcoming projects.
SUFNA (debut as female lead) along with Ammy Virk, written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. It is releasing on 14th february 2020. Then Daddy Cool Munde Fool2 along with Jassie Gill, directed by Simarjit Singh, releasing on 15th may 2020.

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