Women & Hormone Yoga Therapy

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Here is a natural solution you might be seeking to balance your health & hormones…

While the world may celebrate Women’s Day every March but one can celebrate the ‘joy’ of womanhood every day! Being a woman gets rather overwhelming at some point of life or the other, especially with the women facing hormonal issues. The hormonal disturbances could manifest in a variety of ways like mood swings, anxiety, and infertility in young age and as hot flushes, excessive weight gain/loss and insomnia in later.

The yoga sequence we are discussing in this column has numerous health benefits viz
– Shining and younger skin
– Stronger bones and muscles
– Improved digestion and metabolism
– Greater energy levels
– Genuine inner joy and vitality
– And strengthening confidence and positive attitude towards your own body

All above be achieved through practicing not some magic mystery or cosmetic treatment but hormone yoga therapy. Hormone yoga (HY) is a natural therapy along the line of Yoga, that reactivates the hormone production. It was devised in 1992 by Dinah Rodriguez (in her 90s now), a yoga teacher and a doctor of psychology from Brazil. Hormone Yoga Therapy is a dynamic kind of Yoga, which brings quick results! It is great for women from the age of 35 to prevent menopausal symptoms and in younger women, it helps to improve fertility and remove premenstrual symptoms.

Well, you might be curious to know how does HY work and what it actually comprises of. To answer that in the words of Shakti Simone Lehner (HY Teacher Trainer) “Hormone Yoga is a combination of hatha and kundalini yoga combined with special pranayamas, energy channelizing techniques and anti-stress exercises, to support and heal the glandular system.” Shakti, further says that both men and women suffer from increasing imbalances in the endocrine system due to high demands of everyday life. They are treated almost exclusively with hormone replacement therapy by western medicine which can have numerous side effects, as well as it deprives the hormone system of the capability to find back to balance on its own. But Hormone Yoga will use the body’s own self-healing and regulatory powers to heal and rejuvenate.

Also if you are already keen to attend a HY class in your area, know that it will comprise of special asanas, breathing techniques, relaxation with visualizations and a lot of anti-stress exercises! There is special ‘stress’ laid on anti-stress because our stressful lifestyle is the hormone killer par excellence!

So say goodbye to stress and all those pains and imbalances. Let all the women folk bring in the powerful practice of Hormone Yoga in their lives and let us claim our inner power back!

Some helpful tips to help increase hormone levels:
– Exercise in moderation
– Have healthy and balanced diet
– Stop smoking
– Drink less alcohol, coffee and black tea
– Balance your emotions and avoid stress
– And most important of all, practice Hormone Yoga Therapy

Written and compiled by
Shobhna Juneja
Yoga & Wellness coach at Shobhna’s Yoga Lounge

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