17 Jobs That Didn’t Exist

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Till a few years ago, there were fewer jobs that were labeled as ‘creative jobs’. Now there are scores of them! Here is a list of 17 jobs that were not found two decades ago. Check out if you have a passion for any of them!

Selfie Stick Manufacturer & Retailer
Yes, with the growing frenzy of selfies, people are also getting obsessed with selfies sticks which has led to create a profession which did not exist before.

Social Media Manager
Social media is a platform where every brand (and individual) is promoting itself in the craziest and unique way possible. The job of the social media manager is to handle a company’s social media accounts, which includes everything from posting images to creating graphics for FB, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc.

SEO Specialist
About 15 years ago, no one had an idea about what an SEO specialist does! But now the demand for this profession is on a rise. SEO specialists’ job is to optimize views and hits in the digital world by entering all the right keywords.

Another amazing job which didn’t exist 20 years ago or even a decade ago is that of a blogger. It is now a cool, plush and full time profession. Being a blogger is a millennial phenomenon and a fast-growing one.

Educational Consultants
Imagine a competitive world where getting admission in a college can be really frustrating. Enters an EC: your guide to getting into the college and career you desire.

Cab Drivers
Walking up to your local taxi stand is a thing of the past now. Cab culture has grown exponentially and it is a part of our daily lives. All this changed to the rise of cab-on-demand companies. Be it Uber, Ola, Jugnoo!

Life Coach
Two decades ago if someone told you he or she has a coach; you probably assumed a football or a cricket coach. But now, in this advance world, coach could well imply a “life-coach”. The demand of a life coach has grown.

Instagram Artist
Yes, you read this right. Seems like being an artist is not enough nowadays if you have not shared your creation with the world through a social media giant- Instagram!

Sustainability Expert
During the 1990’s, global warming was a non-serious topic for many but now there are experts to tell you how to make your homes, businesses and cities green and it is a real-time job!
Green Building Architects
A new cult of architects have emerged, who can build eco-friendly designs. They are more common than ever and are much more in demand.

Digital Marketer
Digital marketing is a real thing now which has given rise to the new job profile of ‘Digital Marketer’. Handling every social media platform and marketing a brand is what a digital marketer does.

Millennial Expert
They are hired to make companies more youth-oriented. Their job is to know the likes, dislikes, habits, what’s trending, and lifestyles of the most consumer-driven generation to date- the young ones.

App Developer
Yes, we all know what an app developer does but the job was never thought of till some years ago. Now app developers are in demand particularly in the corporate segment.

Full-time Netflix Viewer
Yes, this is a real job! Seems cool isn’t it? The content streaming companies hires people to watch shows. See if you just get lucky to be one of those paid viewers!

Air Nanny
Years ago nannies were required to take care of children at home and while the parents worked. Airlines now hire people to attend to passenger’s children’s need so that they can have a pleasant flight experience.

Genetic Counsellor
Training people to rule out the risk of a genetic disorder in an unborn child, the need of this job has been recognized just two years ago. Many people do not know that this is a real profession now!

Zumba Instructor
This form of dancing was not popular in the late 90’s, and there is a very interesting story behind its creation. Zumba was accidentally created by Alberto “Beto” Perez when he realized he has forgotten his tape for an aerobics class and improvised to non-salsa music. This cute mistake led to the cult that took over the world and also people who took it up for a living.

YouTube Content Creators
YouTube came to being and got popular only 10-12 years ago. Then came people who started earning money by creating content for it and these have been multiplying.

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