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For all those who do not like to run and find this activity boring – just a few days habit formation can change your perspective. Read on to discover more! Often those suffering from depression or mental disorders are advised by doctors to run or at least a brisk walk. Imagine the amount of benefits running has….not just physical but also mental!

Here are some cool benefits of running:

Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease
Running for even 5 minutes each day can cut down your risk of cardiovascular disease by almost half (research has established this)! People who run daily have a 30 percent lower risk of death from all causes and a surprising 45 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease! Isn’t this a phenomenal reason to run?

It makes you Happier
Not that you were not happy earlier but when you run your brain releases two very powerful feel-good chemicals- endorphins and endocannabinoids. This is where you get the “runners-high”!

Knee Myth Busted!
People generally quote that running weakens the knee… which is absolutely a myth! In fact, running regularly strengthens ligaments and tendons. Every time you run, you stress your bones and cartilage which cause them to spring back strong than before which is not possible with low-impact exercises such as walking, or swimming.

Running causes knee Osteoarthritis is another myth! Knee pain while running or after is a sign of overtraining or lack of flexibility. Do not stop your practice, take rest instead. According to a study conducted on 2,637 participants, researchers found that the more people ran, the less they were likely to suffer from knee pain or osteoarthritis. Running in fact makes leg muscles and bones stronger.

You Get Smarter and Walk Smarter
Again! Not that you were not smart before but yes running actually makes you smarter. A review of research papers on the cognitive-boosting effect of aerobic exercise (which in many studies was either running or jogging) found that for children running improved working memory and focus.
And for adults running provides a long list of cognitive benefits such as increased focus and better task switching.

Better Sleep
Going for a run can give a good and sound sleep. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health concluded that those who run regularly in morning showed improvement in objective sleep. Not just that but even mood and concentration throughout the day is improved.

A Sense of Achievement
Running gives you a great sense of achievement! When you set a goal to take up running and fulfill it faithfully; it will boost your self-esteem and also empower you, leaving you happy and satisfied. Just give your 100 % to running and see the difference yourself!

Tips for Beginners!

* Consult your doctor before taking up running if you are above 40 years, are overweight, have chronic illness or have not done any sort of physical activity for a long time before.

* Start with brisk walking first, 10-20 minutes is perfect for beginners. Continue this for at least 60 days until your body adapts.

* Make sure to drink a lot of water to avoid the risk of dehydration. Aim to increase your running time with each session.

* In the beginning, take at least two days off to give your body full rest and also to avoid any sort of muscle cramp or injury.

* Avoid running near roads, be extremely careful while running.

* Buy the right of shoes for running. Wear loose-fitting clothes and during summers remember to apply sunscreen.

* Running must not be done on the concrete or hard surface. Choose a softer ground or a running track.

Apps for Runners!

For Beginners

* C25K– This app alternates between running and walking to help you build strength.

* RunGo– This app helps you create your own route for run.

* Human – This app records your physical activity. Ask someone to keep a check on how you are doing!

For Advance Runners

* Strava Running and the Cycling-The app offers way more than traditional activity tracking.

* Fitso Running and Fitness Coach– This app is for experienced runners looking to maintain their weight. The app also offers scores of healthy recipes.

Running is itself a HIIT form of exercising which is High Intensity Interval Training, which helps to lose weight (visceral fat primarily). Slow and steady cardio workout leads to muscle loss, running does not promote muscle loss! Running in open air is better than treadmill. In open, the wind comes across your body and the body uses 15% more force as compared to the treadmill.”
Gagan Sidhu, Fitness and Diet Expert

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