5 Books To Read This Month!

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The Unpassing
By Chia-Chia Lin

The Unpassing is a family portrait-story of a Taiwanese immigrant family living in Alaska. The novel is an account of what happened next after their youngest daughter’s death and when father got in a dispute over an improperly constructed well. The novel is Chia Chia Lin’s debut novel.
INR 1,345

Once More We Saw Stars: A Memoir
By Jayson Greene
Jayson Greene’s “Once More We Saw Stars” is a Memoir which gives readers an intimate portrait of the despair when his daughter is struck in the head by a brick sitting in the park with her grandmother. It captures the grief of this horrific incident.
INR 1,191

I’ll never tell
By Catherine Mckenzie

This mystery novel revolves around the murder of Amanda Holmes when she found bludgeoned in a rowboat at the McAllister Family’s Camp Macaw. The novel becomes more gripping after their adult children solve the murder mystery case after the Mc Allister parents die.
INR 1,674

Dear Wife
By Kimberly Belle

Sabine Hardison, the central character of the novel goes missing without any belongings from her home. On the other hand, a new character Beth Murphy is on the run with fake identity. The plot gets more gripping after the police start investigating the case and the hidden truth.
INR 4,431

By Ali Smith

Spring captures the feeling of immigration, climatic change with some refreshing characters weaving the whole story together. The novel is beautiful and radical. It is a fine result of Smith’s deep observation.
INR 363

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