Detox your skin to make it fresh and healthy once again

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Diwali’s after-effects can include a number of skin problems due to late-night parties, heavy makeup and the copious amounts of sweets consumed. Not to mention the excessive air pollution harming one’s skin. The adverse effects of this festival routine are many, and entrepreneur and producer, Deepshikha Deshmukh – the founder of Love Organically, which produces completely natural and chemical-free skincare products, helps us out with some simple post-Diwali detox hacks!

Fight air pollution

As happy a festival as Diwali is, you do end up being exposed to a lot of pollution because of the firecrackers. So it’s very important to do both – be prepared for it as well as know the right beauty solutions to help the skin breathe easy after Diwali. A couple of scrubs that I personally swear by
are the Walnut scrub and the honey-lemon scrub. They are easy to make from ingredients that are generally available at home. Just mix some coarsely ground walnuts, sugar and a few drops of olive oil to make a scrub, and gently apply it for around 10 – 15 seconds. If you combine sugar, honey,
and lemon, the scrub works like magic to exfoliate the skin. If time is a constraint, a slice of raw green papaya scrubbed on the skin also helps in cleansing thoroughly.

Say no to breakouts and oily skin

Oily food and excessive sweet consumption is not the best idea but we all know Diwali is an exception! So right after Diwali, most of us end up going on crash diets and rigorous workouts expecting our skin also to bounce back immediately but skincare is a different ball game that requires patience and care. There are some quick-fix solutions that I believe are natural and can be your go-to if you have to run for an event or party, which will make your skin look refreshed immediately. Combine two tablespoons of wheat bran and a tablespoon each of ground almonds,
curd, honey, and rose water. Blend the ingredients into a paste and apply it carefully, avoiding the lips and under-eye areas. Wash off in 20 minutes. It’s surprising what this can do!

Hydrate your Skin

When you apply heavy makeup, you are almost closing your skin pores with different products. It’s very important to choose the right kind of makeup for your skin so that it can breathe even with it on. It’s also equally necessary that you remove the makeup before going to bed and cleanse the skin well. Deepshikha Deshmukh shares, “Personally, I have a very easy 15 min regime that I follow after I have returned from a party. It rehydrates my skin making it soft and smooth. I mix one tablespoon of cold milk and two drops of olive or sunflower oil, blend well-using cotton pad and then apply the mixture on the facial and neck areas. With another cotton pad dipped in rose water or lavender water, I clean up the mixture after 15 minutes and I am done!”

Clean up inside and out

Switching from milk-based drinks to clear green tea daily is a great detox option. Green tea keeps the skin hydrated and also has no calories so you can have as much as you like. Starting the morning with the juice of one lemon in a glass of warm water helps in flushing the system of impurities. This is an age-old mother’s recipe that has been working for years. Several actresses also swear by it. I believe in eating everything but in moderation. If you are aware of what you are putting into your
mouths, you will be careful. Typical things that are good for skin are green leafy vegetables, fruits high in fibre, fresh salads, yoghurt, and healthy nuts.

Freshen up!

You tend to turn to chemical products easily as solutions but natural, organic products have unique benefits that are great for the skin. There are many easily available ingredients in your homes which can become beauty solutions. I’m pretty sure honey, aloe vera, cucumber, and rose water are available in most homes. They are gentle toners and moisturize the skin as well. Use anyone, leave on for 20 minutes, wash it with plain water after and you need no cream!

Get rid of under eye dark circles

Late nights are also becoming normal every year during Diwali, making dark circles and under-eye bags common. A simple solution is grate potatoes or apply some potato juice around the eyes. It instantly helps to reduce puffiness, as do used tea bags steeped in hot water, cooled and used as eye pads. These are of course temporary solutions to make you ready for another late night but there is no replacement for sleep! Eventually, you must catch up on it.

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