5 Most Anticipated Romantic Novels Of 2020

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Start the year off right!

Love Her or Lose Her
By Tassa Bailey
The story revolves around the characters named Rosie and Dominic. Their love story seems picture perfect. Rosie and Dominic are high school sweethearts from last 10 years but life takes a turn when their relationship heads to a rough patch where they start to rebuild their romance.
Released Date: Jan 14

Chasing Cassandra
By Lisa Klypas
Chasing Cassanda is not as easy as one thinks, quite literally! Lady Cassandra Ravenel is approached by a rich businessman Tan Severin. But the chase isn’t easy. He is determined to be with Cassandra. Let’s find out who wins.
Release Date: Feb 18

Undercover Bromance
By Lyssa Kay Adams
The story revolves around Liv, who is fired from her job after she discovers her boss is harassing a young hostess. She was determined to take him down. It becomes interesting when she accepts the help of Braden Mack, a charming handsome nightclub owner.
Release Date: 10 March

Beach Read
By Emily Henry
The two writers, January and Augustus are trying to overcome writer’s block. They are neighbours at a beach house for the summer. The total opposite personalities challenges each other to write something out of their comfort zone. It would be interesting to read if they fall for each other in the process or not.
Release Date: May 10

Take a Hint, Dani Brown
By Talia Hibbert
Take a hint, revolves around a PhD student named Danika Brown, who commits herself to casual dating and finding only friends-with-benefits relationships. Meanwhile, she comes across a security guard and ex-rugby player Zafir Ansari. Zafir rescues her during the fire drill. The video goes viral and everyone on the internet wants the two to be together.
Release Date: June 23

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