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Nathalia Kaur is a brazilian model and actress who works in India and have starred in Bollywood movies. She has been modelling since the age of 14 and previously worked in big movies like Rocky Handsome alongside John Abraham. Kaur made her film debut in the Kannada film Dev Son of Mudde Gowda directed by Indrajit Lankesh and her latest movie, Guns of Banaras has released on February 28, 2020. In an interview with the TLJ magazine, she tells us about her journey so far and experiences working for the film.

Q. 1 How was your experience working in the film?

Oh! It was lovely. I absolutely enjoyed the whole process of it. Like from the initial point of the making of the film when I was called to try for the part, since then I have been excited to be a part of this project and work with such an excellent team. It has been an amazing experience overall doing the film and working with such great people.

Q. 2. How has your journey been in Bollywood so far?

Oh, it has been great. I have worked with some really good actors like John Abraham, Sanjay Dutt. I would say, I have been very lucky. It has been over 10 years for me now that I have been working in the film industry be it the Hindi or down south. It has been quite a long journey but I have loved all of it.

Q. 3 How has the chemistry been, on-screen and offscreen?

Lovely. You can obviously see the chemistry on screen in the trailer and luckily people have been praising about it too. I have received messages from people showing me so much love. Offscreen, it has been lovely working with Karan. He really was very supportive and encouraging of my work. Wherever I needed a bit of help, he was there. He was calm and patient during the whole process of it and that also helped me to do my work so professionally and easily.

Q. 4 Your favourite song in the film?

All the songs in the film are lovely but my favourite would be the romantic track ‘Dheere Dheere’ se. It was even shot in Thailand and I loved the location and how the song has been shot. So yeah, that would be my favourite.


Q. 5 A message you would like to give out to your fans?

Yes, I would love to say thank you first for showering me with so much love and hard work of the movies. We have made this movie with a lot of hard work and with lots of love, so just go, grab some popcorn and watch our movie. I hope you do enjoy it. We enjoyed making it as well. 

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