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Asmita Sood has wowed the audience with her performances. She was recently seen in a music video with Bollywood megastar Akshay Kumar. Here, we catch up with Asmita Sood, as she talks about her love for craft.

My journey…
I started my career in 2011 with Pantaloons Femina Miss India. I was a finalist and after that I started getting offers for films. I never did a formal training in acting. A lot of offers were coming my way so I thought of giving it a try. It was quite an experience, facing the camera, displaying emotions on screen. That is how my journey started and after my first film I got a lot of offers in South. I have done eight films in South and also, I am working in a web series.

Dancing is my passion…
Kathak is a very beautiful form of dance and I enjoyed my three years of training in Kathak. I enjoy acting and dancing equally. In fact both go hand in hand. If you can portray your emotions in dancing well, you are good in acting too. And I cannot really choose any one over the other. But yes, I am more involved in acting right now than dancing because of my commitments.

Success for me is…
Success, according to me, is a place where you find satisfaction. Success cannot be monitored with money or fame for that matter. It comes internally. When you feel satisfied internally then you always stay happy with whatever you are doing. You might have seen people restless and depressed at the peak of their careers. So, success for me is when you are content, professionally and emotionally.

It was always my dream…
I remember I was staying in Delhi. One day I saw huge hoardings of a big brand everywhere. I wished to be on those hoardings and billboards one day. I did my first shoot with a brand called Uninor. I was very nervous and excited for that shoot. I didn’t know if it was released till much later. One day, a friend called me and told me that he saw my hoardings of Uninor brand. I was very elated that my first ever shoot got me on a billboard.

Love for me is...
Love for me is a very deep and sacred emotion. It drives a human being every single day. It’s a feeling we should always value. I believe it’s the purest form of emotion.

Failures teach me...
Failures in life teach us a lot. They help us to mature in life and teach us not to expect anything from anybody and forget where we have come from. It teaches us to handle situations in future.

Criticism along the way…
As an actor there is a lot of criticism that come along your way. You need to know that everybody is going to have an opinion about how you look, how you behave and how you should conduct yourself. I try to understand that person’s perspective and why that person is saying such thing. Also, I try not getting offended.

Fitness mantra
My fitness mantra is to make myself fit and regular with my workouts. Yoga, Pilates, swimming or gym, I try to take my time out and do one or the other form of workout. Apart from that maintaining a healthy diet is also very important. I try to maintain my carbs and vitamins. I take supplements to fill up for any deficiencies. Also, I drink lots of water and green tea after every meal. Mentally, I try not to get affected by my work and keep a healthy environment around myself.

My alternate career choice
Wedding planner

My favourite memory as a child
I have a lot of memories of my native place Shimla. I remember me and my friends used to go out to play. Climbing trees, walking in the forests, plucking berries are my favourite memories.

Things you love most about yourself
My positive attitude and how I try to be level headed each time. I am a very positive person and I like to look at the bright side of the things always.

My makeup routine
I do not put too much makeup on casual days. A little concealor, eye shadow lipstick and mascara works well for me.

Favourite scent
Elie Saab for days and J’adore by Dior for evenings.

On your speed-dial
My Mom, Dad and my two best friends are on my speed dial

Favourite cuisine
Italian and home cooked food is my favourite. I always have a chocolate in my bag and I love black coffee

Favourite destination
I am an avid-traveler. I recently went to Norway to see the northern lights and that tops my list.

Book character you would like to play if it was turned into a movie 
I would love to do a fictional movie someday in life. I have grown reading books like Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Aladdin. Any of these Disney princess, I would love to enact one day.

Your spirit animal
My spirit animal is a horse. Because it symbolizes strength and power

Things bought from the first paycheck
My first paycheck was a very small amount. I bought a lipstick for my mother, something in stationary for my brother and a t-shirt for my dad

Binge-watched series
Game of thrones, Sherlock, Stranger things

Future projects
I am currently working on a series at Alt Balaji ‘Dil hi toh hai.’

For collaborations contact: Nanak Singh, Mobile: 9810040628

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